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Panther is a generic term and does not apply to a single species. It may refer toa lion - panthera leo

a tiger - panthera tigris

a leopard - panthera pardus

a jaguar - panthera onca

a snow leopard - panthera unciaTo which species of panther were you referring?

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panthers like to hunt mostly meat animals

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How do black panthers get their food?

Black panthers are predators and they hunt other animals for food

Which animal hunts panthers?

Not many animals hunt the panther. Panthers are aggressive and very strong, so most animals leave them alone. However, they are sometimes hunted by lions, or hyenas.

Can black panthers live in England?

Very probable no: it is too cold, have no wild animals to be hunt, people are too many.

Do male panthers hunt?


What are black panthers predators the animals?

what animals are a threat to black panthers

How do black panthers hunt and do they hunt in packs?

They hunt by means of stealth. They do not hunt in packs. They are a solitary cat.

Does a panther hunt or doesnt hunt for its food?

yes panthers hunt 4 it's food.

What do black panthers do to survive?

Panthers are a apex predator and they hunt other animals for food. As with other members of the large cat family they are not social and unless looking for a mate stay and hunt in a designated area. They do climb trees and often can be seen taking a cat nap in one.

Do panthers hunt in group or alone?

They hunt in a group, preferbally on a football field

What do panthers like to do?

There are a great many things that panthers like to do. Panthers like to play and hunt just like most cats.

What do black panthers do during the day?

Black panthers eat and hunt during the whole day.

What is the panthers natural enemy?

The panthers enemy are bigger animals then it .

What are some panther slogans?

Panthers Football "On The Prowl" Panthers Football "A Hunt for Victory" Panthers Football "We bust ours to beat yours

What animals are a black panthers enemies?

crocodiles, snakes , and other panthers

Are panthers wild in Spain?

There are no panthers in Spain. They are primarily animals from Africa and Asia.

Why are panthers endangered species?

because people hunt for them and kill them.

Why are Florida panthers becoming instinct?

The Eustis High School panthers arn't becoming extinct... ...the animal, because we hunt them.

Do black panthers have natural predators?

panthers are not usually are not killed by other animals but for the remains of animals the panther has hunted ,lions, tigers, and hyenas kill panthers or it's relative, the leopard.

What animals do you get in savannas?

Leapords and Panthers

How do panthers get along with other panthers?

Like other felines, panthers get along with other panthers just fine. In fact, panthers get along with most other animals in the big cat family. The panther is not the type of cat to start trouble with other big cats.

Where do black panthers hunt?

Panthers hunt in their habitat and often employ ambush as apart of their hunting habits or stalk their prey. Specifically they are typically in tropical climates of jungle or forest. Also, hello.

What does a Black Panther hunt?

black panthers hunt deer, antelope birds, deer, monkeys, fish and rodents

Is it illegal to hunt for black panthers in tn?

Yes, they are a protected species.

How are black panthers an leopards the same?

they both hunt an kill an leap

What animals hunt moose?

the animals that hunt moose are bears.

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