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In Kenya you can see the animals that make up ''the big five''. These animals are: Lions, Leopards, Rhinoceros, buffalo and elephants.

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Q: What animals does Kenya have?
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What are facts about Kenya?

1. Kenya has a lot of animals.

What is the big 5 in Kenya?

the 5 biggest animals in kenya

Where can one find information about Kenyan animals?

There are many animals which are native to Kenya. The National Geographic website along with the Kenya Travel Ideas website each offer information on animals found in Kenya.

Why do people visit Kenya?

people visit kenya becuase of all of the animals that kenya have .Kenya has over 7000 animals living in it so you betta look out if you ever end up going to kenya.

What is the population of animals in Kenya?

there are may diffrent animals in Kenya such as sam the fish Liam the rino and atlanter the wale

What animals in Kenya begin with the letter z?

Zebras can be found in Kenya.

What do you find in Kenya?


What country is Kenya in?

Kenya is in Africa and is nown for the safari parks . Kenya has many wild animals and has many schools

What does Kenya do for the environment?

Kenya can do anything for the environment.They can sacrifice the animals for their living and shelters

Why go to Kenya?

Kenya has beautiful scenes, and and is full of adventure, history and animals.

Where are the most animals in africa?


What animals are in kenya?

have lots of sex

What do Kenya people eat?


What amazing animals are there in Kenya?


Where do Uguisu animals live?

in Kenya

How are the animals affecting the humans in Kenya?

the animals are eating the cattle and other farm animals

What was the Kenya safari like and what animals do they have?

animals are gr8 and really enojoyind

What is tourism like in Kenya?

Tourism is the biggest income earner for Kenya. Kenya is home to the Safari, thus when you think of going to the wild animals haven, think Kenya. The Kenya coast- the beaches is like no other. The big-five animals including the Kenya lion are a great attraction to the Kenya safari. Plus the wildebeest migration also takes place in Kenya every year bringing a huge tourism boost to the country.Safari very popular in Kenya .

Can you get wolves in Kenya?

There no wolves in Kenya, as it is too hot for them, the only animals related to wolves are hyenas.

Does Tourism in Kenya affect the animals?

Yes it does!

What are the dangerous animals like in Kenya?

They are dangerous.

What animals live in Kenya Africa?


Why would you want to go on holiday to Kenya?

You would choose to vacation in Kenya because Kenya is beautiful, has exotic animals, and scenery, and great people.

What animals are sold and bought in markets for Christmas on Kenya?

Cow are sold and bought i markets for Christmas on Kenya

What animals does mount Kenya have?

Mount Kenya consists of many wet and sticky animals that can survive in any climate, despite the fact they may become tall or hard