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jackrabbits and deer

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Is shrub a producer?

Yes, a shrub is a producer. By being a producer, shrubs make and provide food for other animals called herbivores. Herbivores eat the plant and carnivores eat the herbivores.

How do deer eat?

Deer are grazing or browsing animals. They eat plants off the ground and nibble on shoots and tender shrub and tree branches.

What does the shrub eat?


Is a shrub a carnivore?

A shrub is a plant. It does not eat meat. A shrub gains nutrition through moisture and from the light of the sun.

What animals live in the shrub layer?

The multicoloured Cassowary patrols the shrub layer, looking for insects

Are cows omnivores?

NO. They are herbivores. They eat grasses, forbs, tree and shrub leaves, grains and grain-by-products. They do not eat other animals, and don't have the teeth and jaw structure to do so.

What do shrub eat?

CO2, H2O, and sunlight

What is a pod-bearing shrub with four letters?

The shrub is called a tutu - a shrub, Coriaria arborea , of New Zealand, having seeds that are poisonous to farm animals.

What animals live on the shrub layer?

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What animals live on the shrub layer of the rainforest?

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Does a herbivore only eat animals?

Answer 1No, only plants.Answer 2It depends.Herbivores primarily eat plants. However they are also known to eat meat if plants are low.For example, camels eat desert plants such as desert shrub and cactus. But these are not always available, so if the camel needs to, it will eat the remains of any dead animals it finds, purely for survival.

What is the niche of shrubs?

niche means the functions something serves in the ecosystem-like what it eats, what eats it, what it does, and how it acts! whats the niche for a shrub? well go through each part: what does a bush eat? a bush/shrub grows out of the dirt, it feeds on the nutrients from the sun and obsorbs the water from the rain into its roots. what eats it? many hobnivore animals eat the shrub, like deer, rabbits, moose etc. what does it do? it grows and grows and grows! it provides shade in the summers and feeds the animals. how does it act? shrubs/bushes dont do much! but if a weed threatens it it can be agressive!

What animals live in a shrub?

Quail, Road Runners, and Cyotes live in shrubs.

Are donkeys nomadic herbivores that eat grasses and shrub?

Yes maybe they do

What eats the jambu plant?

The Jambu is considered to be a large shrub or a small tree. The Jambu grows in eastern Malaya and India. The animals that eat the jambu plant are monkeys and jambu fruit doves.

How do animals adapt to their habitat in the rainforest?

animals adapt to that forest by staying at the shrub and getting used to the surroundings in the forest then move up

Can you eat the flower Mountain Laurel?

No. Mountain Laurel is quite toxic and you should not eat any part of the shrub.

What is potato-herb or shrub?


What is the name of animals that eat animals?

Carnivores are animals that eat meat but predators are animals who actually kill other animals and eat them.

What animals eat herbivores?

Herbivores are animals that don't eat other animals. Animals that eat other animals are called Carnivores.

What does animals get when they eat other animals?

carnivore animals eat other animals

What do all desert animals eat?

The animals either eat plants or they eat other animals. Some are scavengers and eat dead animals.

What are the kinds of food animals eat?

Animals eat different things. Some animals eat primarily plants while some animals eat other animals.

Animals the eat both plants and animals?

Animals that eat both plants and animals are called omnivores.

Is brinjal plant herb or shrub?


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