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What animals eat nuts?


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Squirrels eat nuts.

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animals in rainforests. :) :)

NO they eat dead animals.

Mealworms but the thing they dont eat as animals are nuts !

Herbivores. Many animals on Earth eat fruits and nuts!

they dont eat animals they berries, nuts,and fish

nucivores or nucivorous animals

parrots do not eat other animals. they are herbivores. they only eat plants, fruits, and nuts.

they eat animals, plants, fish, nuts, and berrys

No they don't as they are carnivorous, meaning they only eat other animals

Some animals of the squirril family do this yes.

They eat plants, grasses, berries, nuts, animals and fish.

No an omnivore is something that eats plants and animals therefore it has to eat. Nuts do not eat.

No. All snakes are carnivores. They only eat other animals.

Animals of that size do not "gather" food. They eat wherever they find food. But to my knowledge, zebras do not eat nuts and berries. They do eat leaves from trees and can strip the tops of trees of foliage.

Nuts Berrys flowers you can eat possibly small animals

Parrots don't eat animals but they do eat small insects occasionally but they eat seed fruit and nuts. DO NOT FEED THEM ALCOHOL, COFFE BEANS, AVOCADO OR CHOCOLATE

Bears. They eat nuts, berries,and of course other animals.

nuts,berries,deer,games(of animals), and more

They ate mostly animals , fruits,veggies and nuts.

Blue hyacinth macaws eat seeds, nuts and fruit. They also eat clay which help them digest some of the nuts that are poisonous to other animals.

monkeys are omnivores they eat bananas, maybe coconuts, plants, nuts, etc.and animals are squirrels and small insects etc.

Original response: No, they cant have fking nuts you tard...just get naked.Not a very bright response. Actually dogs can eat nuts (and most enjoy them) but they should not eat macadamia nuts which can be seriously toxic.Swimagain: Any nut can be toxic to animals. Veterinarians agree that you should not give anything but food made for animals, to animals. Makes sense, right?As a side note, green macadamia nuts

Birds eat plants, yes, such as berries and nuts. Birds of prey, like falcons, eat animals, like mice, and other birds. Many birds eat insects, which are technically animals.

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