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What animals eat seaweed?


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Seals, humans, fish, sea turtles, and a whole bunch of tank feeders just to name a few other marine animals


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Most ocean animals eat seaweed

A fish would eat other fish and seaweed.

They probably eat seaweed that grows in their natural habitat.

Seaweed is a producer because it makes it's own food and doesn't eat other animals.

Dugongs and Manatees it see weed

Sea turtles, plankton, fish.

Sea urchins eat seaweed,algae and bits of plants and animals.

No they do not eat seaweed!

Yes, we can eat seaweed but you can not eat it all of the time. Yes, we can eat seaweed but you can not eat it all of the time.

Many animals eat seaweed, including hermit crabs, lobster, sea turtles, and marine iguanas. Herbivorous fish like parrotfish, damselfish, and surgeonfish can eat seaweed. Seaweed also is consumed by humans.Lots of different animals eat water weed. These are mainly animals who live in and around water.E.G.DragonfliesFishFrogs/toadsetc.Hope this helped, there are many more animals that eat water weed but this was just a brief understanding. ~:)~

no, salmon do not eat seaweed

Yes, fish eat seaweed.

seaweed doesn't eat it is a photosnythesizer.

Limpets eat microscopic seaweed.

No - snakes are carnivores - they survive by eating animals such as rodents (or larger animals if it's a big snake).

seaweed is a plant...... so it would "eat" sunlight

Yes.Sea Lions do eat seaweed.

Fish eat seaweed. Dolphins eat fish. No seaweed, no fish, no dolphins.

Yes, guppies do eat seaweed for as far as I know.. :)

im not sure but I think it doen't eat seaweed.

well there are lots of fish that live in sea and not all fish eat each otherturtles

Some sea snails eat seaweed and some eat moss.

yes fish do eat seaweed what kind of fish eat seeweed?

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