Chipmunks and Squirrels

What animals eat squirrel?

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What animals eat squirrels?

Dogsa wolf will eat a squirrel.

What kind of animals eat squirrel?


What animals eat mosquitoes -?

gound squirrel

What animals eat acrons?

Deer, squirrel, wild turkeys

What animals eat the squirrel monkey?

eagels and other birds or prey

On Sims animals how do you feed the owl a squirrel?

pick up a squirrel (even if it doesn't know you) and drop it on the owl. unless the squirrel and the owl are friends, the owl should eat the squirrel.

What do squirrel monkeys eat in the wild?

things like fruit or other animals

What does an owl eat that eats a squirrel?

small animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, snakes and other small animals.

What animals eat squirrell?

There are many animals that eat squirrel, because they are so small. Foxes, coyotes, weasels, snakes, and wildcats also eat squirrels. Some people also eat squirrels.

What animals did Lewis and Clark kill to eat?

mostly deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, bear

Will a black bird eat a squirrel?

No blackbirds would not eat a squirrel.

Do wolves eat squirrel related animals?

no I think a wolf would eat any small animal it can catch including squirrels.

What animals are related to the squirrel?

the chipmunk is related to the squirrel

What eats nuts a d seeds?

There are many animals and birds that eat nuts and seeds. Two basic examples are squirrels eat nuts, my pet budgerigar eat seeds, and many animals will eat both.

Who eats a squirrel?

Well dogs are known to chase them but animals like bears eat dead squirells

Are squirrel monkeys herbivores?

yesSquirrel monkeys are omnivores; while most of their diet is fruit, they also eat insects, bird eggs and other smaller animals.

What animals eat berries?

A squirrel eats berries along with other things and so does a chimpanzee. There are quite a few different animals that eat berries as they are relatively easy to find.a bear eats berries a squirrel does and that's all i knowFoxes, Bears, Birds, Chipmunks.

What kinds of animals eat both fruits and nuts?

A squirrel does, they eat some fruits. Also some type of bears do to, walnuts and fruits.

What do jaguars want to eat?

Jaguars like to eat a wide variety of other small as a squirrel or rabbit and as large as a cow or deer.

Is it correct to say squirrel eat fruits?

squirrel eat almonds and nuts but rearly eat fruits

Would a cougar eat a squirrel?

A cougar would eat a squirrel depending if he is hungry or not.

What does a golden mantled ground squirrel eat?

what does a golden manteled ground squirrel eat

Will an adult squirrel eat a baby squirrel?


What type of food do the people in the Gobi desert eat?

i think they eat the animals that live there and the plants. EXAMPLE:coctille plant they also eat the long tailed squirrel

Does a fox eat a squirrel?

Yes, a fox will eat a squirrel. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them.