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Well I Know Rabbits eat sunflower seeds and so do mice i dunno about any other animals though I've been searching for ages

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Can people eat sunflower seeds?

You can eat sunflower seeds.

What eats sunflower seeds?

Humas eat sunflower seeds

Can hampsteres eat peanuts and sunflower seeds?

YES!!!Hamsters can eat sunflower seeds.

Which animals eat sunflower seeds?

squirrels,chipmunks,mice,birds,and blackbears

What is a plant with edible seeds called?

You can eat sunflower seeds from the sunflower.

Are sunflower seeds good for a diabetic?

yes, they can eat sunflower seeds.

Do chickadees like sunflower seeds?

Yes, they eat sunflower seeds, will eat suet as well.

What animal eats a sunflower?

There are many animals that eat sunflowers and their seeds. Caterpillars do feed on the actual sunflower, while deer enjoy the leaves from the plant. Humans, squirrels, many types of birds, and rabbits eat the sunflower seeds.

Do raccoons eat sunflower seeds?

YES, Raccoons are a perfect example of an Omnivore and will eat what is available be that plants, (seeds included) or animals (meat).

Can cats eat sunflower seeds?

Cats can eat sunflower seeds, but only in very small doses.

Do rats eat sunflower seeds?

sunflower seeds are very good for rats

Do sunflower seeds grow?

Yes, sunflower seeds grow. But not if you eat them. Then they get digested.

Do sunflower seeds have nuts?

Yes, people eat sunflower seeds (even my brother) because sunflower seeds taste good, but any way sunflower seeds do have nuts.

Seeds people eat?

people can eat sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Can you eat a sunflower?

You cannot eat a sunflower, but you can eat it's seeds. Hope I helped. ;)

Do ants eat sunflower seeds?

Yes they do I feed the ants sunflower seeds at work.

Do opossums eat sunflower seeds?

Opossums have a varied diet, which includes wild seeds, so I assume that they would eat sunflower seeds.

What types of seeds can humans eat?

sunflower seeds

Can human being eat the sunflower seeds?

Do you mean, can human bieings eat sunflower seeds? if so then yes. I eat them all the time

What eats a sunflower?

birds eat the sunflower seeds from the suflower

What seed do sunflowers come from?

The man at the desk had quit smoking and was chewing on sunflower seeds instead

What does a goldfinch eat?

Goldfinches eat thistle seeds, birch seeds, alder seeds, and sunflower seeds.

What seeds you can eat?

Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds(boiled) and strawberry seeds!

What are some seeds that humans eat?

Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

Do bees eat sunflower seeds?

No. ...

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