Siberian Huskies

What animals eat wild Huskies?

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Are huskies wild animals?

Huskies are not wild animals, every dog known to humanity as of now is domesticated (they came from wolves).

Are Siberian Huskies predators or prey in the wild?

Siberian huskies are domestic dogs, not wild animals.

Do wild Siberian huskies work together to catch their prey?

Huskies are domestic dogs, not wild animals.

What do wild huskies eat?

Like other dog breeds, Siberian huskies are omnivorous scavengers and will eat anything that is edible (and some things that are not). Huskies have high prey drives and will chase down and eat small prey such as rabbits if they have the chance.Siberian huskies eat rabbits, birds and other small animals.

What type of meat do wild huskies eat?

What's a wild husky?

How long does a wild Siberian Husky live?

Siberian huskies are domestic dogs, not wild animals.

Are wild Siberian Huskies nocturnal?

Huskies are a domestic breed of dog, there are no wild

What do wild huskies hunt?

There are no wild Huskies. They are a domesticated breed.

What do wild baby huskies eat?

Huskies, as a dog, are rarely found wild. Wolves, their closest relative, drink milk first, then move onto regurgitated meat.

How do animals eat in the wild?

like wild animals

What animals does a Siberian huskies eat?

They eat raw chicken,rabbits,mince,and bunnies.

Do huskies live in groups?

Huskies are pets, they live as their owners decide. Apart from the occasional stray, there are no huskies in the wild. But dogs are pack animals, and if left to themselves, huskies would most likely form packs.

Do wild animals eat mushrooms?

yes some wild animals eat mushrooms

Do wild Siberian Huskies migrate?

Siberian huskies are domestic dogs, not wild.

What Siberian Huskies Eat?

Siberian huskies are domesticated animals. Therefore, in their homes, they eat whatever their owners feed them including a raw diet or dry kibble.

How much do huskies eat in the wild?

there eat as much as 3 sheepa day that in a pack if there are by there self there eat 1 sheep ;)

What do Siberian huskies do for fun?

Siberian huskies in their spare time, tend to hunt for wild ligers in Mount Teptepee. They also tend to play fight and to hunt wild rabbits, but with the wild rabbits the females eat the meat while the males eat the fur. Its also known that if a female husky is in season, she will try and bite the male huskies penis.

How do Siberian huskies live in the wild?

They don't. They have always been domestic animals, sharing life with humans.

Why do raccoons eat in the wild?

Raccoons in the wild because they are wild animals. If they did not eat, they would not survive.

What wild animals eat papayas?

Any wild animals that eat fruit will eat papayas. Some of them include moneys and rabbits. The fruit is safe to eat.

What do tame huskies eat?

they eat dog food if they live with humans. but when they don't they usually eat small animals or even deer.

How old will Wild Huskies grow to be?

Huskies are a domesticated breed, meaning they live with humans. There might be the occasional stray that has gone feral, but apart from that there are no wild huskies.

Are Siberian Huskies carnivores?

Siberian huskies are carnivores they would eat meat if they were in the wild and they have carnivorous teeth which they would use to rip, tear and pull apart their prey.

What kinds of animals eat duck?

Mostly, wild animals eat ducks.

Do siberian huskies eat other animals?

Huskies, like all dogs, are mainly carnivores - meat eaters. Which would mean that they do eat other animals. Now, being domesticated = kept by humans, they rarely need to hunt for their food themselves.

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