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Traditionally it was belived 'Mice' but they actually prefer chocolate!

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Q: What animals like cheese?
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Who eats cheese?

I eat cheese, some animals like cheese, my dad loves cheese, people like my friends sister who are overly obsessed with cheese, and people who like cheese. also if you like food that has cheese in it, then you would be eating cheese

Which animals like to eat cheese?

Yes, most animals like cheese, and dogs are among one of the few animals that do not just like cheese, they love cheese. My dogs eat any piece of cheese they can get their mouths around. When I dropped a stick of smoked cheddar, they ran up and started fighting over it.

What animals eat coral?

The animals that eat is a cheese from the north that dosnt like u

What animals produce cheese?

No animals produce cheese. Some animals produce milk which can be turned into cheese, like goats, buffalo, sheep, cows, donkeys, camels, reindeer, certain horses, water buffalo, and yaks, but no animals produce cheese. Also, don't try to milk your cat or something stupid like that. It won't work. And please don't make human cheese.

Which animal loves to eat cheese?

Humans and dogs are about the only animals who like cheese - cheese is not a natural food, so other animals don't really get exposed to it very often and don't develop a taste for it.

Can vegetarians have cheese pizza?

Yeah because cheese is not made from animals. It comes from animals but it is not MADE from animals.

Which foods contains saturated fats?

Foods from animals like meat and cheese.

What toppings do snakes like on their pizza Cream cheese and spinach?

animals they eat.

What animals like white poplar?

Well i really don't know but I LOVE CHEESE AND CUPCAKES!

What kind of animal is cheese?

Cheese is not an aniamal, it is made from animals milk

What animals live in the understory?


What animals can you milk for cheese?


A animal that is a decomposer?

its an organism that is bacteria or fungus and feeds on and breaks down dead animals........i like cheese!......:)

Can your cat eat cheese and crust?

most animals, including cats, are lactose intolerant, so even though they may like things like cheese and milk, it isn't good for them in large quantities. Try a lactose free cheese instead!

Does Jonty like cheese?

He smells like cheese - rotten cheese - so he must like it. His bum smells like cheese. His hair has fleas!!

What is an animal that is used for milk and cheese?

Cows and goats are the most commonly used animals for milk production. Cheese is made from the milk of these animals.

Do Canadians like American cheese?

no we do not like American cheese!!!!!!!

Does Mickey Mouse like cheese?

Yes. He does like cheese.

Why do they like cheese burgers?

LOL because they like cheese

Do ants like cheese?

No, ants do not like cheese. Ants like sugar.

A soft Italian cheese?

Ricotta Cheese is very soft, kind of like cottage cheese. Also, Mozzarella Cheese is a soft cheese kind of like string cheese.

What animals milk makes cheddar cheese?

Cows milk is used to make Cheddar cheese.

Where doe s cheese some from?

cheese comes from milk made by cows or other animals

Animals have saturated fat?

Yes, Animals do have saturated fat as do the products of animals such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

Is cheese cheesy?

If it's real cheese. Disgusting, greasy cheese may not taste like what REAL cheese would be like.