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Alligators, fish, snakes, birds, Bob cats, and other small animals live on the bayou. The bayou is home to many different types of species.

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Animals that live in the Bayou Teche?

Black bear and amican alligator

What animals live in the Bayou?

snakes,aligators,bugs,fish,turtles,birds,deer,bats,wild dogs,racoons and opssoms

What are some animals that are found in the Louisiana bayou?

Aligators and probably snakes

Where do pistol shrimp live?

New Orleans bayou

What kind of fish live in a bayou?

mostly not salt water fish

Why do people live in the Louisiana bayou?

Not everyone lives on a bayou.....and come people feel connected to nature that way, or maybe that's where they're property line is.

What is the word for bayou in spanish?

bayou is the same thing in Spanish: bayou

Where do blue winged teal ducks live?

the blue winged teal ducks live in the bayou my freinds E out!

What cind of animals live in the bayou?

I have heard there are many animals including:Deer, mosquito, slugs, crayfish, grackle, turtles, crane, alligator, snakes, anole, bat, bullfrog, crab, shrimp, raccoon, heron, grasshopper, bobcat, opossum, armadillo, and black bear

What type of animals are found in a bayou?

Turtles, Aligators, Snakes, and different types of fish, White owls

What is a bayou dweller?

Some of the people who live in the part of Louisiana where they have bayous are called Cajuns.

Where is a bayou located?

The French Bayou is in Louisiana

What is the the bayou in Houston Texas?

Buffalo Bayou.

How do you use the word 'Bayou' in a sentence?

in the summer, a bayou was surrounded by seaweed and attracted flies.

What rhymes with bayou?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word bayou.

What does milice de bayou mean?

Bayou Militia

What is the antonym of bayou?

!~@BAYOU!~@^_^backwater, outlet, stream

What does a bayou do for us?

The bayou supports riverine life.

Where is bayou boo?

you get on the fairy and go to the bayou and he is usually there.

What is the bayou in New Orleans?

Bayou St. John

Why animals live in groups?

Animals that live in groups can defend themselves better than the animals live in solitary. Animals live in solitary means animals live alone by themselves.

What is the turtle bayou resolution?

The Turtle Bayou Resolution was when the Mexicans and Texans had a fight in Turtle Bayou, and they resolved their differences.

When was Hurricane on the Bayou created?

Hurricane on the Bayou was created in 2006.

What does Bayou Teche mean in English?

It means Bayou Teche

When was Born on the Bayou created?

Born on the Bayou was created in 1969.

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