Zoology or Animal Biology

What animals live in forest ecosystems?

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What do forest ecosystem animals eat?

who eats who in grassland and forest ecosystems

Where do plants and animals live?

Plants and animals live in ecosystems. habitats

What animals live in the cloud forest?

What animals live in cloud forest

How are the tropical rain-forest and mixed-forest ecosystems alike and different?

tropical rain-forests ecosystems are forests that have alot of animas living there and the animals are the organisms that live in a tropical rain forest help them survive in a warm, rainy climate all year long. mixed forest are homes to many type of trees and some animals. both of them are the same because they (forests) have animals and trees

How would uncontrolled cutting pine trees affect the forest ecosystem?

If too many pine trees are cut down in forest ecosystems, there will be no place for animals that live in the forest to live. We also need the oxygen trees give off, in order to breathe.

Did dinosaurs live in the forest or desert?

There were species that lived in all ecosystems.

Which animals live in a forest?

There are an endless number of animals that live in the forest. Some of these animals would be, snakes and frogs.

What are some ecosystems in the black forest of Germany?

There are plants, trees, mountains, animals, etc.

Is there ten animals that live in the Northwest Coniferous Forest?

its a forest. im sure alot of animals live there

Why do many animals live in the forest?

Because there are various kind of things present which are required for the animals to survive. For instance, animals who live in the forest will have a food source in the forest, and it will be an ideal place for them to live.

What is ecosystems like?

a ecosyytem is a place where all animals live

What layers of the rain forest do different animals live?

it lives on the forest floor because the animals it hunts are noctournal and live on the forest floor.

How animals in the tropical rain forest live?

how animals live in the tropical rain forest is they eat lots of meat

How does forest animals influence forest regeneration?

because they live in the forest

What animals could live in the forest?

many animals can live in the forest but it depends on the climate. If an animal can hunt and care for itself it can live anywhere!!

Why do most animals in the tropical forest live in trees?

there r over a millon animals that live in the tropical rain forest

What kind of animals live in the Brazilian forest?

animals that live in the brizilian forest are:Poison Arrow FrogJaguarAnaconda

What animals live in monsoon forest?

it is animals in hawaii

Why rainforest animals live in the canopy?

Animals in the rain forest live in all different levels of the forest like in jungles. The animals that live in the canopy is where those animals eat and feel safe

Why do most plants and animals live in ecosystems?

In an ecosystem plants and animals have mutually supportive relationships.

What are the differences in the ways prairie animals and forest animals live?

Yes the animals have diffent needs that live like praire animals and forest animals like the mating season and their babies

Do wild animals live in a rain forest?

there are thousands of wild animals that live there

How are all animals in forest are related?

they all live in the forest

Are Savannah Temperate Forest Grassland Tundra and Deserts the only ecosystems?

Savannah, temperate forest, grassland, tundra, and desert are not the only ecosystems. Additional ecosystems include tropical rain forest, coniferous forest, boreal forest, and aquatic.

If the young and mature trees in a forest are the same species the forest is?

a forest is a compact of many trees where in different animals live. The forest need trees so the animals can live there. The forest needs that many trees.

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