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Some animals seem to thrive in the south, frigid zone near Antarctica. Some of the animals include several species of penguin, walruses, sea lions, and many species of fish.

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The ox and the reindeer are both animals that live in the frigid zone. Also, the caribou is another animal that lives in the frigid zone.

How do the animal adapt in the frigid zone

the zone in the equator

robins live in frigid zone

Different types of plants and animals live in torrid temperature zones compared to frigid zones. Tropical animals such as parrots and monkeys live in torrid temperatures zones. Plants like banana and coconut trees are in torrid zones. Animals like polar bears and arctic foxes live in frigid zones.

Reindeer,Caribou,hare,ermine,polar bear, musk ox, seal, whale, walrus and wolf-like dogs called huskies are found in the frigid zone.

Yes, Greenland is in the Frigid Zone.

artic circle, frigid waters They live in the sunlight zone of the artic circle. :) the neritic zone

There are no jobs in the frigid zone!

The list of clothing we need to live in Frigid zone is warm jacket,warm trousers,

The North Frigid Zone, north of the Arctic CircleThe North Temperate Zone, between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of CancerThe Torrid Zone, between the Tropical CirclesThe South Temperate Zone, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic CircleThe South Frigid Zone, south of the Antarctic Circle

Several types of animals that make their homes in frigid polar regions of the world. Among them are polar bears, arctic seals, and penguins.

food eaten in frigid zone is your head

There are two frigid zones. They are located in the North Pole and The South pole. They are also known as Polar Regions.

Both polar regions on Earth are frigid zones.

becaus the place that has frigid zone are too cold.

Five contries in frigid zone

animals which live in north temerate zone

deer,snakes ,turtles,lizards,crocodiles

what animals live in the midnight zone

The frigid zone is the coldest because they receive extremely slanting sunrays

yes it lies in frigid zone cause the climatic features prove that it is in frigid zone. there strong wind blows, the water sometime is freezed and it is full of snow all the year round.

"Earth's polar regions are the areas of the globe surrounding the poles also known as frigid zones". -there are two frigid zones ,they are on Either of two regions of the Earth of extreme latitude, the North Frigid Zone, extending north of the Arctic Circle, and the South Frigid Zone, extending south of the Antarctic Circle. Asia, North America and northern Mexico. The South Temperate Zone includes southern Australia, New Zealand, southern South America and South Africa. The two Frigid Zones, or polar regions, experience the midnight sun and the polar night for part of the year - the edge of the zone experiences one day at the solstice when the Sun doesn't rise or set for 24 hours, while in the centre of the zone (the pole), the day is literally one year long, with six months of daylight and six months of night. The Frigid Zones are the coldest parts of the earth, and are covered with ice and snow. The North Frigid Zone (the Arctic) includes northern Canada and Alaska, Greenland, northern Scandinavia, northern Russia, and the Arctic ice. The South Frigid Zone (The Antarctic) is filled by the continent of Antarctica; the next closest mainland is the southern tip of Chile and Argentina, followed by New Zealand. (next check out anything you can find on these two zones. try these links) send by khushi jain 5a

temperate zone torrid zone and frigid zone

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