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What animals live in the river Seine?


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The Seine River Environment is a blend of smaller environments and represents a wide diversity of plant and animal species. The Riparian Environment as a habitat, "supports aquatic, semi aquatic and upland wildlife." Animals like beavers,
Gray Squirrel,Red Squirrel,Least Weasel,Long-tailed Weasel,Mink,Skunk
Racoon,muskrats, ducks, herons, cormorants,Merlin,Killdeer,Spotted Sandpiper,Franklin's Gull,Herring Gull,Mourning Dove,Blacked-billed fish as Johnny Darter,Fathead Minnow,Central Mudminnow,White Sucker,Brook Stickleback,
Tadpole Madtom, frogs ,Leopard Frog,Snapping Turtle,Garter Snake live within the vegetation along the river's edge.

You can see the Seine's fauna in detail at the link below: