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In the wild donkeys fall prey to wolves, cougars, lions, tigers.

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Who are monsoon animals?


What are animals the prey of?

Animals are the prey of other animals/predators.

Do donkeys fart?

All animals do.

What animals eat marmots?


What animals can live in a monsoon?


Which animals are not included in zoo animals?

donkeys; bulls; rats;

What colors are donkeys?

Donkeys are animals that look like small horses. Most donkeys are a brown, tan, gray, or a black color.

With what other animals do donkeys mate?

With mules or other donkeys. A donkey can mate with a pony and you get a podonk.

What are some animals in Greece?

some animals which are native Greek are donkeys.

What are animals called - that are eaten by other animals?

Prey, or prey animals.

Animals in grasslands?

zebras, donkeys, and kangaroos.

What animals are in the equidae?

Zebras, Horses, And Donkeys

What do animals prey on in the south pole?

they prey on polar animals

Who is the patron saint of donkeys?

There is no patron saint of donkeys but Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals.

Why do donkeys attack?

Like all animals, donkeys will attack if they feel threatened or if they are trying to defend their territory.

Do donkeys mate for life?

Donkeys are very social animals and can develop very strong emotional attachments with other animals including other donkeys. In the wild, male donkeys frequently live on their own and defend a territory so that they will have breeding rights to as many females as possible.

From what two animals do donkeys come from?

Donkeys are donkeys. They come from a male and a female donkey mating. You're probably thinking about mules, which are horse/donkey hybrids.

What are the yemen animals?

Animals such as "camels, donkeys, sheep and goats" live in yemen.

Are cows prey animals or predators?

Cows are prey animals.

What is predator-prey?

Predator are animals that hunt some meat for food prey is the animals they hunt

What are some animals that act weird?

donkeys that are drunk

What animals were around the manger?

sheep, goats, donkeys

What animals are in Albania?

cows chickens and donkeys mostly

What animals are used for transportation?

good question donkeys

What animals did the he brews have?

The Hebrews had dogs, goats and donkeys