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Life on board the Niña in 1492 was not for the light hearted. When the Niña left on any of her three voyages to the New World, her cargo hold was full of provisions, water, armaments. There were live animals ranging from horses, cows, pigs, and chickens. The four-legged animals were suspended in slings as the rolling motion of the vessel would have easily broken their legs. See the related link below for more information.

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Discovered the new world in 1492?

Christopher Columbus

What did Christopher Columbus discover or find in the new world?

Christopher Columbus discovered New Land for European Settlements.

Who dicovered the new world?

Christopher Columbus, discovered the new world.

The sailor who discovered the new world?

Christopher Columbus is considered to be the sailor who discovered the New World.

Who discovered the new world for spain?

Christopher Columbus in 1492.

What part of the world did christopher Columbus find?

He discovered the Americas.

When did chirstopher Columbus discover the new world?

Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Christopher Columbus where was the places that he explored and what is it called to day?

Christopher Columbus discovered the 'New World' now known as America.

What part of the world did Christopher Columbus discovered?

Christopher columbus discoverd new york in 1492

Who invented the term new world?

Christopher Columbus discovered the New World

What was Christopher Columbus looking for when he discovered the New World?

goldand goods

What is the new world that Christopher Columbus discovered?

The North American continent.

Who discoverd earth was round?

Christopher Columbus discovered that the world is round.

When Christopher Columbus died he?

Never new he had discovered a new world

What did Christopher Columbus do to make him important?

He discovered the New World (America).

What explorer discovered the 'New World' America in 1492?

Christopher Columbus discovered "the new world" America

Why is Christopher Columbus Important?

He discovered the Americas. He proved the world wasn't flat.

What did Christopher Columbus explored or discovered?

he explored around the world and discoverd america

What was some of Christopher Columbus' accomplishments?

-discovered America -world is round

What makes Christopher Columbus so special?

because he "discovered" the new world

What animals did christopher Columbus see in the new world?

He saw dinosaurs.

When did the Europeans discover the new world?

The vikings are believed to have discovered the new world first but Christopher Columbus "discovered the new world" in 1629

Who discovered the Dominican Republic?

The first known founder was Christopher Columbus. First permanent colony in the New World was in Dominican Republic by Christopher Columbus and his posse.

Christopher Columbus never discovered what in the new world?

A route to Asia, which was the purpose of his exploration.

When did the world get discovered round?

When Christopher Columbus sailed around the world looking for a faster way to Asia