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What antibiotic should you take for an abscessed tooth?

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Penicillin or amoxycillin is the primary choice. But 15% of people are allergic to that antibiotic. Only a dentist or a physician can chose the best antibiotic for you.

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What antibiotic should you take for an abscessed tooth while pregnant?

Your doctor will give you amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, cephadroxil with clavulanic acid or cefuroxime with clavulanic acid for abscessed tooth along with incision and drainage.

How long does it take for an abscessed tooth to heal?

You must see a dentist, who will prescibe an antibiotic for seven days.

Is it safe if the dentist said to wait three days until your next appointment to take a prophylaxis antibiotic to pull an abscessed tooth?

I would not wait to take an antibiotic for an abcess tooth! If you get the tooth pulled with the infection still in are in for one rude awakening when he attempts to pull that tooth!

Can you take AmoxClav for an abscessed tooth?


How many milligrams of amoxoxycillin should you take for an abscessed tooth?

250mg or 500mg. Depending on how severe

What is the difference between an infected tooth and an abscessed tooth?

An infected tooth is an abscessed tooth. You need antibiotics quickly so you don't allow the infection to get out of control (sepsis). Sepsis is the infection poisoning the blood stream and infecting the body so severely, it can cause death. See a reputatable dentist, take antibiotics (the full course). If you don't complete the antibiotic therapy, the infection can linger and return resistant to the same antibiotic, requiring more in depth therapy.

How long does it usually take to see the effects of penicillin on an abscessed tooth?

It should only take a couple of doses to see an improvement.

Is it safe to take ciprofloxacin for abscessed tooth?

I believe so. I was just prescribed ciprofloxacin for my abscessed tooth so it's safe though in my case it doesn't seem to be working very well.

How often should you take 500mg eritromicina to avoid infection after tooth surgery?

You should take the antibiotic in the amount and the time period the doctor recommends. If you do not finish the regimen, the antibiotic will not work properly.

What do you take amoxicillin for?

For infections. It is an antibiotic. I had to take it when I had an abscessed tooth, it's a miracle drug when you are in pain from an infection. It helps to prevent an infection before or after surgery. It has nothing to do with the pain after the anesthesia wears off, but the pain eases as the infection goes away.

Your rabbit has developed a hard lump on her jaw about the size of a marble what could it be?

This could be an abscessed tooth. You should take your rabbit to the vet right away.

What do you take penicillin for?

Penicillin is used for bacterial infections, such as an abscessed tooth becoming infected. Penicillin should not be taken for viral infections like the Flu.

When will I feel better after an extraction of an abscessed tooth?

It is going to hurt to have it pulled when it is abscessed but it will feel better very soon after. I had one pulled while it was abscessed and it was very painful but I am very thankful I did it. I couldn't have stood the pain from the abscess much longer.AnswerHealing after an tooth extraction can take up to a week.

Should you take an antibiotic if an infected tooth is removed?

Probably-Just in case...Better safe than sorry!

What antibiotic i should use i have pain in throat and something red too what antibiotic should i take for it?

You should take the antibiotic amoxocyclin.

Antibiotic calamox due?

cam i take calamox in tooth ache

What is a good antibiotic for face swelling caused by tooth?

one can take cefixime and metronidazole

Is it ok to take amoxicillin while 30 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

It is only safe if it is prescribed by a dentist who is aware the patient is pregnant.

Is it ok to take novamoxin while 7 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

Talk to your Dr first and make sure your dentist knows that you are pregnant.

How can you cure toothache on your dog?

You can give your dog clove oil to help with the toothache. You could also take him to the vet and have the vet take care of it. An abscessed tooth will not get better by itself.

How long after taking antibiotics will you know if an abscessed tooth is OK?

==ANTIBIOTIC ANSWER== You won't know until you have finished ALL of your antibiotics. Never stop taking antibiotics when you "feel better". After you finish the entire prescription, the dentist will check it to see if you need a second round of antibiotics. Ask your pharmacist for a printout of the medication you are taking to ensure that you don't take anything else that will diminish the effects of the antibiotic.

How to Know When to Contact an Emergency Dentist?

Making an appointment at a dentist can be extremely difficult for people who have a serious fear of dental work. Many people who keep putting off going to the dentist because of this phobia eventaully find themselves in a situation in which they have a sudden emergency that needs immediate medical attention. No matter how uncomfortable you might be about making a dentist appointment, severe pain is always a sign that something is seriously wrong and needs to be treated, but some dental situations are so dangerous that they require immediate care by either an emergency dentist or the emergency ward at a hospital. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of tooth problems that need to be treated by an emergency dentist: an abscessed tooth and a broken tooth. An abscessed tooth is a tooth that has become infected by bacteria and can be may require emergency care. As the bacteria multiply in the infected area, the infection can spread to other parts of the mouth and face. If the infection makes into the bloodstream and reaches the brain, the complications of an abscessed tooth can lead to permanent injury and even death. Abscessed teeth are not always painful, as the nerve in the tooth has sometimes been destroyed by the time that the tooth becomes infected. The easiest way to tell if you have a tooth that has become abscessed is if a tooth that you have been having trouble with for some time suddenly emits an extremely foul taste and odor. In many cases, an abscessed tooth will also cause facial swelling on the side of the mouth where the tooth has become abscessed. The other most common reason that a person may need to be rushed to a dentist is a broken tooth. If your mouth has been injured due to an accident or violence, it is extremely important to visit an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. A broken tooth can quickly become abscessed without dental care. In many cases, an dentist can restore the tooth much like a broken bone if the broken section of the tooth can be found. If possible, bring any pieces of the tooth with you to the dentist in a class of cold milk.

What antibiotics should i take for head and chest congestion?

Whether or not you should take an antibiotic should be up to your doctor. Your illness could be caused by a virus which would be an antibiotic would be useless.

Is it okay to take Amoxicillin while 22 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

Yes (if prescribed). Amoxicillin can be safely used during pregnancy provided there are no other prohibiting factors, e.g. allergy to penicillin, etc.

How long does it take for facial swelling to go down after being put on antibiotics for a tooth infection?

I've had tooth infections that cause my cheeks to swell like a chipmunk. If you get the right antibiotic it can be as little as 2 doses - 24 hours for the swelling to go down. Sometimes it can take 3 or 4 doses to go down - about 48 hours. If you have been on an antibiotic for 3 days and there is no change in the swelling, you should call your doctor. You may need a stronger antibiotic or a different class of antibiotics.