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which antibiotics can be used with warfarin

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Can you use a nasal spray with warfarin?

Yes. Check the related link for more information regarding safe medications to use while on warfarin.

Is hawthorn safe to take with warfarin sodium?

is hawthorn safe to take with warfarin sodium

Is it safe to use Warfarin and denture adhesives?

You should ask your doctor that.

Are antibiotics safe to use?

Antibiotics are completely safe to use. The only time when it would be bad is if you take them for no reason, and a "superbug" that is immune to antibiotics forms. And, of course, if you are allergic.

Is it safe to take Viagra with warfarin?

have recently been prescribed warfarin for a A/F condition my question is it safe to use Viagra whilst using this drug ,no advice on the packaging bumf

Is it safe to take robaxin while taking warfarin?

Is it safe to take roaxin or flexeril while taking warfarin??

Is it safe to take Proactol with warfarin?


Can you take Oxycodone and warfarin?

Yes, this is safe.

Can you take warfarin and cephalexin?

yes it's safe

Is it safe to smoke while taking antibiotics?

It is never safe to smoke, taking antibiotics or not.

Is it safe to take Viagra while on antibiotics?

Viagra while on antibiotics is it safe to take

Can the homeopathic canthris be taken with warfarin?

Any homeopathic preparation will have no effect on warfarin so it is completely safe to take them together.

Is it safe to take vitAMIN b complex with warfarin?


Can emu oil react with warfarin?

There are no studies to indicate that you should not take emu oil with Warfarin. Currently, the two seem to be a safe combination.

Should tomato be eaten while taking warfarin?

Tomato is safe, it's grapefruit that you have to avoid, if you are taking warfarin (also known as coumadin).

What cough medicine can you take while on Warfarin?

Exputex is definately safe

Is it safe for you to take amoxicillin while on warfarin?

I also take Warfarin and have taken amoxicillin before. Taking it can alter your INR so be sure to let the Warfarin clinic know. That is what I did. Hope this was of some help to you.

Is it safe to take cocaine with antibiotics?

Is it safe to take antibiotics and cocaine? I heard cocaine wipes out the effects of the antibiotic.

Can you eat tomatoes when taking warfarin?

Warfarin is a prescription blood thinner taken by cardiac patients to help reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. It is completely safe to eat tomatoes while taking Warfarin.

Is it safe for a human to take dog antibiotics?

it depends on what kind of antibiotics

Can you take a goodie headache powder while taking warfarin?

Yes. Goody's contain Acetaminophen..this is the same ingredient utilized in Tylenol. Tylenol is safe to take with warfarin. If you have sleeplessness...Tylenol PM is safe as well.

What is the effect of the decision to use antibiotics?

The effect of the decision to use antibiotics is that you will use antibiotics.

How long should you use a condom after quitting antibiotics?

To be safe, seven days. Most antibiotics don't interfere with hormonal birth control, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Is antibiotics safe for tattoo healing?

You might want to talk to your doctor. But it is good to use a lotion or a moisturizer.

What antibiotics is used if allergic to penicillin?

Macrolides are safe alternatives to use and produce less side effects.

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