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you should use dentex the oragne anifreeze all gm cars take that

You should probably use the standard green antifreeze that nearly all vehicles used until about 1995. You could use the orange Dexcool antifreeze, but you should flush out the green coolant first, because the two should not be mixed. Nothing really but will happen if you use either one, but it is probably best to to use what was recommended originally.:actually GM cars made after 1981 no longer used anti-freeze made by any company other than there own and the above is all correct I was simply improving/ Use dexicool it is orange and usually comes in a gray container and is actually made almost the same as anti-freeze and is actually not proven to function any differently than the 38 other brands known to make synthetics for this synthetic

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Q: What antifreeze should you use in a '93 Chevy Corsica?
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