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What are 'The Troubles' in Ireland?

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"The Troubles" is a euphemism for violence between Catholic and Protestant factions in Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom. This stemmed mainly from competition for land and jobs between the religions, and eventually became open fighting and terrorism. This spanned roughly the period from 1969 to 1988, but continues on a smaller scale to the present.

The British sent troops to the area to quell violence, but they soon became targets of IRA nationalists, who also bombed targets in Britain. Each side in the conflict accused the other, which was used to justify inhumane treatment, terrorist attacks on civilians, and many cases of killings in revenge.

From the Protestant viewpoint

The "Troubles" were created by Irish Nationalists who opposed British rule, not acting on behalf of Irish people or the Irish Government. Protestants formed organisations to defend themselves against Nationalist attacks. Eventually the protestants starting attacking catholics instead of defending attacks.

The British Army first started "Operation Banner" to defend the Catholic minority from the Protestant majority. This was welcomed at first but then the Nationalists turned on the British Army. The British Army did not take sides during Operation Banner and adopted a peacekeeping role between the two communities.

IRA personnel who were killed by the British Army were done so in the act of terrorism. However, there were also mass detentions of individuals without trial.

The bombing and shooting of innocent people (both protestant and catholic) that the IRA/PIRA/CIRA/RIRA/INLA (different names, same organisation) carried out was an act of terrorism and, as such, makes these people terrorists.

From the IRA viewpoint

The troubles in Ireland were in Northern Ireland and started in 1969 and ended in the mid '90s. The Troubles started when the Catholics (nationalists) of the north were terrorized and burned out of their homes by the Protestants (unionists). The north was controlled by the British, but they did little to help the Catholics, because they were Irish and the unionists were happy to live under British rule. So the IRA began to act to defend their fellow countrymen, which they did. They started attacking the unionist population and the RUC, who were the police force of northern Ireland and were made up of British anti-Irish people. They attacked the British army more than anyone else. There was nothing much said or done by anyone until the IRA extended its campaign to mainland England and bombed it for years, just to give the English population a taste of what their government had caused in Ireland, so the Brits could not ignore it anymore, so then they branded the Irish "terrorists." Then the British army started shooting innocent civilians and unarmed IRA members on numerous occasions.

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Q: What are 'The Troubles' in Ireland?
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How Northern Ireland split?

The country splitted when the troubles started in Northern Ireland.

How many people died in the troubles of Ireland?


The problems in northern Ireland were called this?

'The Troubles'. Ulster

Is the poem digging a reference to the troubles in Ireland?


Is the fighting in Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland?

Neither. There is peace in Ireland now. The troubles are largely over but would have been in Northern Ireland.

What is polite in Northern Ireland?

To avoid discussion of politics or 'the troubles'

What is Northern Ireland famous for?

* the Titanic * harland and wolf * the Troubles

What conflict took place in N Northern Ireland?

The Troubles.

Are the British army to blame for troubles in northern Ireland?

yes they are

When did the troubles in northern Ireland start?

In the Winter of 1170, when King Henry the Second of England invaded Ireland.

Who is Ireland at war with?

Well the IRA Had been bombing the UK in the troubles.

What bombings happened in Ireland from 1965 onwards?

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What name was given to the conflict between the protestants and the Catholics in Ireland?

The Irish frequently refer to the conflict in Northern Ireland as "the troubles".

How manyDeaths in northern island caused by the troubles?

It's Ireland, not Island. The answer is 3,526

How many catholics and protestants dies in the troubles in northern Ireland?

Too many

Did Ireland have any conflict with terrorism?

Ireland has experienced terrorism in its history. In modern times, this was particularly the case during the troubles from 1969 to the 1990s. Some acts of terrorism still happen, but these are rare compared to the height of the troubles.

What is a Protestant's point of view on the troubles in Northern Ireland and why did it start?

Most Protestants want to remain WITH Britain and not become part of a united Ireland. Irish nationalists want to unite the country - hence the troubles. The division of Ireland into the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic republic and the north, which remained part of the renamed the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', dates from 1921. In that year Ireland was divided, following a vicious civil war. The most recent 'troubles' have been ongoing since 1969 (with breaks). Joncey

Is Ireland a peacefull country?

Ireland is a relatively peaceful country. The troubles that were in Northern Ireland still result in some incidents, but they are not as significant as they once were, so Ireland could now be regarded as a peaceful country.

How long did the troubles in Northern Ireland last?

1968-1998 im to lazy to do the math holla

Did the peace process spread to the Republic of Ireland?

The troubles were almost exclusively confined to Northern Ireland, so it didn't really need to spread to the Republic of Ireland as such. During the course of the troubles there were incidents in the Republic of Ireland and in Britain, but the centre of the problem lay in Northern Ireland. Once the peace process was established there, things improved. The Irish and British governments were part of the peace process insofar as they helped the parties in Northern Ireland to work together and gave them support in many other ways.

What is the catholic point of view on the troubles in northern Ireland?

that the English don't give us the same rights.

Is there fighting in Northern Ireland?

No, not now. The so-called Troubles ran from the late 1960s to the mid 1990s.

Who is the Republic of Ireland at war with?

The Republic of Ireland is and always has been a neutral country. So the Republic of Ireland has never been at war with anyone. Your question may come from a misconception of Ireland and the troubles that have been in Northern Ireland. Many people have the mistaken idea that Ireland and England are at war, or that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are at war, neither of which are true.

What is the reason for the current conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

There is no current conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This is a common misconception. The so-called "troubles" were predominantly within Northern Ireland and there is currently relative peace there, as has been the case for many years now.

Where was 'the troubles' in Ireland taking place?

The troubles mainly took place in Northern Ireland. There were some incidents in the Republic of Ireland and in Britain, though these were rare. Incidents during the troubles were sporadic, not daily open combat as often perceived. So even in Northern Ireland, there could be days or weeks or even months between incidents. As they took place in different parts of Northern Ireland, an individual place might not have an incident for a very long time and some parts never had one. Incidents were more common in areas of higher population, so the bigger towns and cities, like Belfast and Derry.