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Consider the term 'alien' as in " illegal aliens". Inalienable rights will therefore mean those rights which a person has and which cannot be made foreign to him or her as per any legal provisions in place or which may be laid down by society, in future.

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Q: What are 'inalienable rights?
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How can inalienable be used in a sentence?

Inalienable definition: Not able to be transferred to another; not alienable.The inalienable rights of the citizen.

What are some synonyms for inalienable rights?

There are no "symptoms " of inalienable rights. It isn't a disease, but the rights listed by Enlightenment thinkers as those given by God.

Can inalienable rights be denied by the government?


What is a sentence with inalienable?

Inalienable means incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred. Thus a sentence using inalienable could be: "Their rights were inalienable and therefore could not be surrendered"

What is the term for the rights that all people should have?

inalienable (cannot be transferred to another or others) or unalienable rights (Not to be separated, given away, or taken away; inalienable)

How do you use unalienable rights in a sentence?

Ideas about which rights are inalienable have varied widely.

Life liberty and pursuit of happiness are considered what types of rights?

our inalienable rights

Which term describes rights that are based on nature and providence?

Natural and inalienable rights.

Who did the Americans believe was preventing their natural rights?

The British ... and they call it there inalienable rights ...

What is created to protect inalienable rights?

people created government to protect our rights

What are inalienable rights highlighted by the Declaration of Independence?

inelianable rights are rights that cannot be taken away

What is the suffix meaning of unalienable?

Inalienable; as, unalienable rights.

Are you obliged to obey the laws which are evidently violations of your inalienable rights?

Yes, you must obey the laws. If you feel that the laws violate your inalienable rights, then you have the right to be heard in a court of law.

Why does the author mean by inalienable rights?

it means you cant take the rights to other planets

The rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are considered inalienable rights in?

Declaration of Independence

Why is the bill of rights do important to us as citizens?

guarantees us basic inalienable rights

In order to protect inalienable rights what was created?

The Declaration of Independence.

What inalienable rights did the Declaration of Independence speak out?

the pursuit of happiness

What is the U.S Constitution is based upon?

Simple answer? Inalienable rights.

Who did Thomas Jefferson based his unalienable rights rights to?

John Locke influenced Thomas Jefferson about inalienable rights.

What is the purpose of a Bill of Rights in a democracy?

A bill of Rights guarantees the citizens of a democracy inalienable personal and civil rights.

What are the 10 amendments based on?

Inalienable rights that all U.S. citizens are given. (The Bill of Rights)

How did the Articles of Confederation protect individual rights?

It inforced Locke's philosophy of inalienable rights of people.

What were the alienable rights named in the Declaration of Independence?

The inalienable rights are to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What is the definition of inalienable rights?

It can be defined as followed. Unable to be taken away.