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it is in Canada. the Canada Rockies are part of this region. There are many different and interesting occupations in the Cordillera region. Some major occupations are forestry and mining. These occupations provide the people with money, houses, and wood.

Interesting facts about the human body include its ability to sweat, to produce odor, to carry bones, and many others.

A cordillera is a chain of mountains or mountain ranges. The term cordillera is mostly applied to various ranges of the Andes in South America. The structure of cordillera mountains is usually the result of folding and faulting accompanied by volcanic activity.

well it is a great place wonder full city's

he owned 10% of the Globe Theater. He was considered the best play writer in all of England. For other interesting facts visit the following link:

A PMI chart is a table and it stands for Plus Minus Interesting. PLUS for Good facts. MINUS for Bad facts. INTERESTING for well, interesting facts.

90% of animals are invertebrates and only 10% are vertebrates they have backbones

in Qatar, people who wear hats have to pay a fee. interesting, right?

In Canadian Cordillera, there is the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and many other mountains, and the Canadian Cordillera entirely has British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territories, the Northwest Territories and Vancouver Island.

What are 10 interesting facts about the battle of hastings?!!!!!!i don't know that's what im asking u!

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the judicial branch has increased 38% over 10 years

Some Interesting facts about democracy are that Greece and Rome used to be apart of the democratic government.Some Interesting facts about democracy are that Greece and Rome used to be apart of the democratic government.

One thing about the Cordillera land is that it has a lot of mountains.

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Some mountains in this landform region can be as wide as 700 meters long The 2010 Olympics will be held in part of the Western Cordillera, Vancouver, British Columbia The climate of the Western Cordillera is much like the maritime's climate

There is NO interesting " FACTS " about the " Head light! "

letter e missing Interesting Facts

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