What are 10 good things about radio waves?

Lets see if I can get to ten:
1. Radio waves enable fast communication as they travel at the the speed of light.
2. Radio waves are bombarding us all the time, but are silent to the human ear.
3. Radio waves span many wavelengths enabling many communications for differing reasons at the same time.
4. They are harmless to humans.
5. They can be reflected off of the ionosphere back down to earth enabling communication across the globe.
6. They can be used to detect (among other EM waves) solar flares, or simply noisy solar radio bursts.
7. Signals overlapping radio frequencies can be transmitted to "jam" broadcasts of the propaganda from a source to the people.
8. Radio waves or frequency use can be (and is) regulated so that special users like fire, police, rescue have exclusive use.
9. NOAA Weather radio will inform the public of the imminent threat of a tornado.
10. Pulsed radio waves are used in Radio detecting and ranging (RADAR) to determine intensity azimuth and distance of targets including airplanes and weather phenomena.