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Q: What are 2 examples of National Parks?
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What are two examples of national parks?

Yosemite and the Grand Canyon are two examples of National Parks. Yosemite is in California and the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

Which national parks are located above volcanoes?

There are many national parks that are located above volcanoes. Some examples of these national parks include Lassen Volcanic National Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Some examples of national parks?

one is nature i guess

National parks in Iowa?

There are no national parks in Iowa. There are 2 national historic trails, 1 national historic site, and 1 national monument.

How many national parks in Missouri?


How many national parks are there in Scotland?


What parks are operated by the National Park Service in Texas?

There are thirteen national parks in Texas. These can include traditional parks and historic sites that are operated by the National Park Service. Big Bend National Park, Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site, and Big Thicket National Preserve are three examples.

Which state has the most national parks in the us?

Alaska has eight national parks (and a few national preserves) California also has eight national parks. Utah has five national parks. Colorado has four national parks. Florida has three national parks.

What 2 questions have the answers 'National Parks'?

"What kinds of parks are managed by the National Park service?" and "What does National Car Rental do with cars when they're returned?"

Are national parks considered cities?

No. National parks are exactly what they are called: parks.

Does mississippi have any national parks?

National PARKS? No. But it does have a few sites administered by the National Parks Service.

Why do national parks have the name national parks?

Because they are administered by the national government. State parks, county parks, municipal parks, and private parks have the same reasoning behind their name.

How many national parks are there in Punjab?

in punjab there are no national parks

How many national parks are in Ethiopia?

11 national parks

What are five national parks in Pennsylvania?

There is no national parks in Pennsylvania

What state in the us has the most national parks?

California and Alaska have the most national parks in them, they both have 8 national parks in them.

Which Canadian ecozone has the most national parks?

The Montane Cordillera ecozone, with 7 national parks, has the most national parks.

What are the 3 US national parks?

Well, there are many national parks in the us but a few of them are Yellowstone national park, Yosemite national park, and hot springs national parks are just a few of the many national parks.

What is the possessive noun for national parks?

The possessive form for the plural, compound noun national parks is national parks'.Example: Our national parks' system covers all fifty states.

How many national parks does Massachusetts have?

Within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there are no national parks. There are, however, several sites administered by the National Parks Service. Most of these are national historical parks or sites.

Does Alaska have any national parks?

yes Alaska does have national parks

How many national parks are there in the US?

There are 59 national parks in the US.

How many national parks does Alaska have?

There are 8 National Parks in Alaska.

How many national parks does Utah have?

Utah has 5 National parks.

How many National Parks are in Utah?

There are five National Parks in Utah.