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Q: What are 2 reasons that the Washington monument has 2 colors of marble?
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Why is the marble on the Washington Monument two different colors?

Because when the construction was halted the marble was shipped from different quarries.

What was the largest material used in the Washington monument?


What is on the tip of the George Washington monument?

The Washington Monument is topped with an aluminum apex. The apex sits atop a marble pyramid.

How much concrete is in the Washington Monument?

None. The monument is built with mostly Bluestone inside the monument and Marble as the outside facing.

What is the peak of the Washington monument made of?

The Washington Monument is made of Marble, Granite, and Bluestone gneiss.

What marble and granite monument standing 555 feet tall was completed on this day in 1884?

Washington monument

What did they use to make the Washington Monument?

The three primary materials used in making the Washington Monument are bluestone gneiss, granite, and marble. The monument's cap is made of aluminum.

What state did the marble that covers the walls of the Washington Monument come?


How many bricks are in the Washington monument?

Yes the Monument is made of two different kinds of bricks because when they started the Civil War broke out and when the war ended they were out of the brick they started with so they used a new one

What 3 types of stone did they used to build the Washington Monument?

The three main materials used in the Washington Monument were bluestone gneiss, granite, and marble. Aluminum was used in the capstone.

What color is the Washington monument?

Washington is a white, beige color. It is not fully solid because he is made out of marble.

Are buildings in Washington DC made out of marble?

Some are, like the monuments. Abraham Lincoln monument is partly made out of marble.