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light bulb

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Q: What are 3 exampels of light energy in a house?
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What 3 kinds of energy are involved when a light bulb is turned on?

kinetic,potential,light energy

What energy transformation is in a house?

8==============3 theres your answer

Identify 3 variables or factors you had to consider when making your features?

1. energy in your room 2. energy in the car 3. energy in the house

What is a 3 letter word for light house?


What are 3 exampels of convection?

1.Water boiling in vessel by burner flame. 2.Water currents in deep sea. 3.Generation of sea wind.Ex.Trade wind

What are 3 types of energy collected by telescopes?

Three types of energy that are collected by telescopes are Light energy, Mechanical energy and Thermal energy.

What are 3 other forms of energy?

Speed, Light, Sound

What are 3 sources of energy that can cause light emissions?

Chemical energy will produce the light in a firefly, or in a hand-held glow tube. Electrical energy will produce the light in a light bulb. Heating something up to a high enough temperature will produce light. Burning a material may produce light.

What are 3 energy forms?


What 3 types of energy can be created by elctricity?

*thermal *light *sound

What 3 things that electrical energy can become?

Light, Sound, Thermal.

Identify the 3 main types of light energy that comes from the sun?

Infrared, Visible, & Ultraviolet light