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What are 3 facts about the Arab religion?

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"Arab" is an ethnicity, not a religion.

While Islam was founded in the Arab World and most Arabs today are Muslims, Islam is the religion not "Arab".

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Sunni Islam is the most common religion in the Arab World, but every Arab chooses his own "dominant" religion or non-religion to believe in.

Islam is a religion and Arab is an ethnic group

The name of the Arab trader was Muhammad and His religion is/was Islam.this is wrong if you are reading this u r waisting your time

Muhammad unified by Arab people by the power of prayer and his speeches. It was under the Islamic religion in which he unified the Arab people.

Hi- Arabic people believe in religion of Islam.

Christian is a religion. Arab is an ethnicity. There is no contradiction to being a Christian Arab or an Arab Christian and there are millions of Christian Arabs around the world.

The Arab contributed the Islam Religion to Philippine culture.

There are many facts about the Islamic religion such as the fact that Islam is a monotheistic religion that is based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam refers to the religion; Islamic refers to something of the religion of Islam; Muslim is a follower of the Islamic religion; Arab is an ethnic group of the Middle East.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai is 1053 feet or 321 meters tall.

Most of them worship Allah (sp), which is the religion Islam.

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Arabs doesn't have one religion, there are Muslims, Christians and other minority religions.

Not all Arabs have the same religion. Arab is a race, not a religion. The vast majority of Arabs are Muslims. The rest are mostly Christians or Jews. Also, be sure not to confuse Islam as the "religion of the Arabs". Although most Arabs are Muslims, only about 12% of Muslims are Arab.

Muslim American is one his religion and faith is Islam (he/she can be Arab or non Arab)Arab American is one who his/her mother language is Arabic (he/she cam Muslim or non Muslim)

Population, and Religion.

No. An Emirati cannot legally change his religion from Islam to any other religion or become nonreligious.

The main religion of the Arab ethnic group is Islam. Members of this group are referred to by outsiders as Muslims, Mohammedans or Islamists. Many Muslims refer to their co-religionists as "the faithful".

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Sumerian's created the first writing. Their religion was Polytheistic.

Type your answer here... Arab traders brought their religion.

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