What are 3 islands in Hawaii?


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Hawaii, Maui and Oahu.

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No, the Cook Islands are south of Hawaii,

Hawaii consists of eight "main" islands.There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

There are nine islands that form Hawaii.

There are 8 "main" islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean.

There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a chain of many islands.

The Pacific ocean surrounds the islands of Hawaii.

Hawaii (the state) belongs to the group of islands known as Oceania, which is the group of Pacific Islands. Hawaii (the island) is a part of Hawaii (the state) which is a US state.

Of the main islands, it is Hawaii.Hawaii. The Big Island.hawaii is farthest south

There are many islands surrounding Hawaii, but still in the Hawaii territory.

Hawaii is an island chain. The invidiual islands are islands.

Hawaii is made up of eight islands

Yes, there are many privately owned islands in Hawaii. These islands can cost up in the millions.

Hawaii is made up of 100-150 islands.

The entire State of Hawaii consists of volcanic islands.

There are eight "main" islands in the State of Hawaii.

There are exactly 100 islands around and on Hawaii

The Sandwich Islands, the Kingdom of Hawaii,, the Republic of Hawaii and the Territory of Hawaii.

The Hawaii Islands are not located on any continent, even though they are a part of the United States, which exists in North America. The fact that the Hawaii Islands are islands means that they belong to no continent.

Yes, Hawaii is only islands.Hawaii consists of hundreds of small islands and islets, eight main islands and the waters that surround them.The islands were created by lava flow from nearby volcanoes. Still creating more islands today.

132. There are eight main islands.Over 100 with eight considered as "main" islands.Hawaii consists of eight "main" islands.

Hawaii locals are into nature and they like to protect it, that's why on some islands at Hawaii tourists are not alound to go on because the locals that live on those 3 islands are afraid that they will destroy the island and make hotels.

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