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California is very mountainous. There are the Klamath Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and the Cascade Mountain Range.


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The Three mountain ranges are: -Cascades -Alaska and Aleutian Ranges -Coast Ranges - On the coastline of the Pacific is the Sierra Nevada of California

The Cascades, the Sierras, The Coastal

the major mountain ranges of California are the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades.

California has many mountain ranges, but the major mountain range is the Sierra Nevada range. Other mountain ranges include the California coastal range, San Bernardino mountains in Los Angeles, and the Cascade mountains of Northern California.

What are the two mountain ranges

sierra Nevada also coast ranges

The Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges.

Sierra Nevada Cascade Range Peninsular Ranges (Santa Ana Mountains, Laguna Mountains, etc.)

four major mountain ranges are Santa Ynez mountains, Amargosa, Coso, and Pahamint ranges

When tectonic. Plates collide mountain ranges and mountains form

There are many mountain ranges that are in both Oregon and California. Oregon itself has 48 mountain ranges.Siskiyou MountainsCascade RangeWarner MountainsKlamath Mountains

The San Andreas fault has caused the basins and mountain ranges to form.

There are many, many mountain ranges in California, but some of the ones that contain significant summits are the Sierra Nevadas, the White Mountains, and the Cascade Range.

California Yukon ranges i think.

Arid mountain ranges of the southwestern U.S.

There are no mountain ranges in Central California as this area is all valleys. In Western California, there is the Coastal Range and in Eastern California, there are the Sierra Nevadas and Cascade Range.

the altamont pass and the grapevine

The 3 Major mountain ranges in the us is the Rocky mountain's, Appalachian, the sierra Nevada

There are a number of mountain ranges in the Philippines. Some of these include the Sierra Madre, the Luzon, and the Cordillera Central.

There are many mountain ranges in Italy. Some of these include the Bernina Range‎, the Mountain ranges of Lombardy‎, and the Mountain ranges of Trentino.

The two main mountain ranges in Iran are the Zagros and Elburz Mountain Ranges.

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