Thunderstorms and Lightning

What are 3 precautions you should take during a thunderstorm?


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u should take your body


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There are numerous precautions you should take during storms. Thunderstorms generally have high winds, lightning and rain. It is best to stay indoors and away from windows during these types of storms. Also, you should listen to the TV or radio in case there would be any other warnings.

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Lightning will take the easiest path to get to the Earth. As soon as the thunderstorm approaches and / or you get wet from the rain you should go indoors. Do not shelter under trees as you can be hurt if the tree gets hit by lightning. There have been examples of people being hit by lightning when standing in their driveway during a thunderstorm.

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well this is pretty basic.... well anyways, follow these rules and you wont go up in flames. 1 dont go outside. 2 dont go walking around with an umbrella like an idiot. 3 dont take a bath. electricity flows through water. 4 dont go lighting all the lights in the house. light candles. 5 if your outside... GET IN A CAR!!! its the SAFEST place outside in a storm. 6 if your reading this during a thunderstorm....your pephetic.

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