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What are 3 types of floods in Australia?


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June 18, 2009 6:02AM

Three major types of floods include: * Slow onset floods - these occur gradually after there has been significant rain in a catchment area. Often, towns have plenty of warning that such floods are coming, and have the time to create levee banks for protection. Charleville, in western Queensland, is prone to slow onset floods as the waters flow down the Warrego River from further upstream, where heavy rain has fallen. The water takes days or even weeks to go down. * Fast onset floods - these are also caused by heavy monsoonal rains, but water comes up more quickly, often trapping motorists trying to cross swollen rivers and isolating towns quickly, then just as quickly subsiding. * Flash floods - usually caused by thunderstorms and sudden downpours. these fill rivers and drains quickly, sweeping away people who try to cross. Flash floods subside very quickly.