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There are various ways to organize data. Chronological or data management via a measure of time that runs either forward or backward is often used. Value and size, in which items are measured based on either largest of smallest size comparisons is another method of data organization. Deductive organization states the conclusions with clearly stated information.

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How do you answer describe different ways of organizing data that has been researched?

Different ways of organizing data that has been research is putting them in different files and folders either on a computer or on another electronic device.

What do you understand by organizing data?

putting data in a specific place/order is called organizing data.

What is a computer program usefu for organizing and analyzing data is?

Microsoft Excel is good for organizing data

3 ways of presenting data in statistics?

ways of presenting data in statistics

The reason for organizing analyzing and classifying data is?

The reason for organizing, analyzing and classifying data is find out the data relates. The relationship between the elements of a data will form the basis of the information.

In what ways can data be manipulated during information processing?

A variety of processes may be performed on the data, such as adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, sorting, organizing, formatting, comparing, graphing, and summarizing.

What are some ways to record data?

Try using a T-Chart to compare specific data. You could also write all the data in a bulleted style. Then, try organizing it more professionally. Make sure all your data is legible!Have fun!!

When Constructing a graph is an example of?

organizing data

Constructing a graph is an example of?

organizing data.

What are 3 different ways you can record or summarize data?

graphs,data and illustration

Can you name 3 ways you enter information into computers that allows others to have access to your information?

organizing, manipulating,and -

Stages in data processing?

compiling and organizing information

Why is organizing research data important?

To know the answer to what you are asking.

What deals with collecting organizing and interpreting data?

It is statistics

What are three useful tools for organizing data?

There are a number of useful tools for organizing data. These include spreadsheets, creating graphs, and creating folders to organize all of your documents.

Whats the reason for analyzing classifying and organizing data?

to find relationships among data

What is a form of organizing data which consists of rows and columns of data called?

work book

What is data structure?

A data structure is a particular way of storing and organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.

What are the steps of statistical investigation?

Defining the problem 2.gathering relevant information 3. presenting/organizing data 4.analyzing data 5. interpreting results

What is sensor data capturing?

It is the process of collecting,organizing and accessing data with the help of computer sensors.

What are the disadvantages of manual database?

Re-organizing and sorting the data plus adding data fields.

What is a word for organizing data in columns and rows?

Data organized into columns and rows is called a table.

Why are graphs important when organizing data?

A graph is a visual aid on which data may be seen and understood.

What is the name for the way computers manipulate data into information?


Why is organizing data an important science skill?

becase of water