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What are 4 prhases of the water cycle?


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There are 4 phases of water cycle. These are:Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection


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The 4 key words in water cycle are :Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection.These are the four stages of water cycle.

The 4 main parts of the water cycle are:evaporation , condensation, precipitation,collection. These parts form basis of water cycle.

The water cycle looks like circular process. There are 4 steps involved in water cycle.

1. Biogeochemical Cycle 2. Water Cycle 3. Nitrogen Cycle 4. Carbon Cycle

Steps of water cycleevaporationcondensationprecipitationcollectionThese are the 4 steps involved.

Frankly there are NOT 11 steps in the water cycle, you could say that for the Global hydrological cycle but not a spicific places water cycle. The 4 stages are Evaporation, Condensation,Preticipation and collection

Precipitation is one of the 4 stages of water cycle. It allows rain to reach earth's surface.

Due to hot sun water from the water bodies get evaporated. These small dropets condence to form clouds. Clouds then cool and fall water bodies as rain.This cycle goes on and called Water Cycle

Evaporation, Condensation, Presipation

they are interacted by the water cycle

=i think there are only 3 words in the water cycle:==1) evaporation==2) condensation==3) precipitation=

water cycleWater cycle!the water cycle.The water cycle

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

the water cycle The water cycle. (It ends as rain - which is water.)

Evaporation - Condensation - Precipitation - Runoff

evaporation, condensation,precipitation, collection

it is evaporation, condensation,precipitation and collection

Water cycle regulates water. Hence it is important.

there is 6 water that you could find in the water cycle the 1.evaporation,2.condensation ,3.precipitation,4 collection, 5 percolation 6'transpiration

Hydrological cycle is the synonym for water cycle. Hydro means water.

yes there is a poem about the water cycle you could go to water cycle poems and ther will be many poems about the water cycle

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