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Four organisms include: humans, plants, bacteria and animals. Organisms eat and reproduce. Clothing and electronics wouldn't be considered an organism.

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4 types of events that take place in a eukaryotic organism such as a deer that require cell division?


What organism has no nucleus?

An unicellular organism is an organism that does not have a nucleus. Two types of these organism is bacteria and archaea.

How is the degree of specializtaion of cells in an organism related to the diversity of cell types in that organism?

The more specialized cells there are, the more different types of cells there are in an organism.

Name two types of micro-organism?

Bacteria and fungi.

What are the two types of chromosomes found in the cells of an organism?

Haploids and Polyploids are the two types of chromosomes found in the cells of an organism.

What are 4 types of chromosomal mutations?

Four types of chromosomal mutations include substitution, insertion, deletion, and frame shift. These mutations can be either positive of negative to the organism.

What types of organism is echinacea?


Name 3 types of micro-organism?

Virus , fungi, protozoa

What are the 4 main types of molecules in a living organism?

Lipids(fats), proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids(RNA/DNA)

An organism made of different types of specialized cells is called?

it is actually called an organism.

What helps an organism to live?

to help an organism live you need nutrients, like any types of food, depending on the organism.

What are the three types of organism interactions?


Any organism living in or on another organism?

Any organism that lives on or in another organism is called a parasite. There are many different types of parasites in different organisms.

What types of plants are organisms?

All plants are organisms. If it is a plant, it is an organism. Anything that is alive is an organism.

Types of DNA that result when genes from one organism are put into another organism?

recombinant DNA

Which types of organism does cellular respiration take place in?

The organism responsible for cellular respiration is the mitochondria.

Can an organism use both types of reproduction?


An organism that feeds on all sorts of food is?

An organism that eats many types of food is called an omnivore.

Cell that can develp into multiple cell types?

Are called stem cells. These cells are either totipotent (can give rise to all types of cells of that organism) or pluripotent (can give rise to many, but not all types of cells of that organism).

What types of organism use parthenogenesis?

Fish, reptiles, and insects

What are the two types of cellular organization that an organism can be?

Unicellular and multicellular

What types of organism does the African elephant eat?

plants and fruit

What is an organism that produces both types of sex cell?


Do monkeys have 4 thumbs?

no organism has 4 thumbs

What is the definition of a hybrid organism?

A hybrid organism is any organism that is a combination of two different types of species / genotypes. For example a mule is the result of breading a horse and a donkey.

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