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These coins were made from normal pennies that were stamped with the state images. These were usually mounted on a colorful board and sold as a novelty item. I have seen the boards, with all the pennies mounted, sell for as much as $50. Without the board, I would estimate their value to be maybe $10

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Q: What are 50 1979 pennies with all the states on them worth?
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How many pennies are worth a cent?

All pennies are worth a cent.

Are all pennies made of the same metal?

Well depending if your talking about all the different country's pennies, then Im not sure. But I do know that the pennies made in Canada and the states are. The main metal in these pennies are copper, and copper is worth more then what the penny is worth, so sometime in the near future they will atop making pennies.

1979 steel coated penny?

All genuine 1979 cents were struck in bronze. Plating makes it a damaged coin worth only face value. But don't shed any tears - undamaged 1979 pennies found in change are only worth a cent, too.

What is the Worth of steel pennies?

it all depends on what year it is

What are American wartime pennies worth?

They can be worth anywhere between 3 and 5 cents, while the 1943 steel pennies can be worth towards 20 cents, all depending on the condition.

What wheat pennies are collectable?

All of them are collectible, some are worth more than others.

Are all 1933 pennies accounted for?

No, but they're not worth a huge amount to begin with. Are you thinking of 1933 double eagles, which ARE worth a fortune?

How much is a US penny worth from the 1870s?

A penny is always worth a penny no matter what.

You are trying to collect pennies from 1900 to 1999 what would a complete collection be worth?

It all depends on what type of penny is it. If they are all regular non-errored pennies then your set is worth $.99. If it includes a book/holder it may be worth a little more. If you have a 1943 copper penny, 40 exist in the world today, they are worth over $100,000 per penny. It all depends on which pennies you have. The above is the rarest for 1900-1999. Check frequently websites on rare us coins.

How much would a complete set of 1975 state pennies be worth?

.......There are no such coins as state pennies. There is only the State Quarter program (where all quarters outside of mint packaging are only worth 25 cents) but that started in 1999.

How much is a 1987 Indian head penny worth?

Indian head pennies were produced between 1859 and 1909. All 1987 cents are familiar Lincoln Memorial pennies.

How much are pennies from 1941 to 1974 worth?

The ones dated 1941-1943 are all common and worth around 10 cents each on average. Copper wheat pennies (following the '43 steel cent) are typically worth around 5 cents. Then 1959-1974 are worth 2 cents for the copper.

What are Indian head pennies from 1888 to 1905 worth?

If the coins are in a collectible condition all are worth 50 cents to a dollar for the low grade coins

How much is 190 pounds of pennies nickels dimes and quarters worth?

It would all depend on the mix. If you had 180 pounds of pennies and the other 10 pounds were nickels, dimes and quarters that would be worth a lot LESS THAN if you had 180 pounds of quarters and the other 10 pounds were pennies, nickels and dimes.

What no mint mark pennies are worth money?

All pennies are worth money: $0.01. We don't normally answer questions about the value of collectible items here. If you have a coin you think is worth more than "normal", take it to a dealer for an appraisal. The value of any penny depends on its condition and rarity.

What is a 1944 penny worth that is not a wheat penny?

Well i am not 100% percent sure what your 1944 penny is if it is not wheat. As all 1944 pennies were wheat. However, if your penny is steel you have a very nice piece of history. In 1943 all pennies were steel because of the lack of copper in WW11. But, in 1944 there were some 'error' pennies that were made of steel instead of copper. All 1944 pennies should be copper! If the penny is steel it is probably worth upwards of 900$ and in fair condition probably significantly more. Hope that helps.

Who was Ohio States quarterback 1979?

Art Schlichter, a sophomore, who made the All Big 10 team in 1979.

You have 3 1943 white metal wheat pennies and they all stick to a magnet are they worth anything?

yes ,I have tried it too

What is a 1973h penny worth?

Such a coin does not exist. All British Pennies have been minted at the Royal Mint since 1920.

Why is the penny made in 2006 worth less than the penny made in 2007?

it wasnt made out of the same materials it takes 1.7 cents to make 1 penny true factNOT a "true fact"Since mid-1982 all US cents have been made from the same material, copper-plated zinc. This question is a mis-reading of an elementary-school joke, "Why are 2006 pennies worth less than 2007 pennies?". The answer is that 2,006 pennies are worth $20.06 but 2,007 pennies are worth 1 cent more. ba DING!

What wheat pennies are valued more than one cent?

All wheat pennies, regardless of year are worth at least 3 cents if the date is readable. Some wheat pennies though, are worth quite a bit more. For instance, the 1909 S VDB penny is worth several hundred dollars even in worn condition and so is the 1914 D penny. However, a 1909 S VDB penny in pristine condition could be worth thousands of dollars. In general, the older the wheat penny the more valuable it is. For example, most wheat pennies dated in the 1940s-1950s aren't that valuable, but wheat pennies dated in the teens and twenties are worth a lot more.

What are Lincoln pennies worth from 1909-1960?

The related link below has values of all US coins and it's FREE.

How many stacks of 100 pennies could they make with all of their pennies?

It would depend on how many pennies they had!

Are uncirculated 1970 copper pennies worth more as metal or as coins?

Lincoln Memorial cents minted between 1959 and 1981 are all worth about 2 cents for their copper content.

What US pennies are worth money?

The 1943 pennies were made of steel, and tended to rust away. So most conditions are rare, some more than others. Wartime nickels (five cents) are worth more than 5 cents in any condition because they contain 35% silver (instead of nickel).