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What are 5 Example of short interior monolog?


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September 10, 2009 11:37PM

Usually you put what, where, when and other details like weather (etc.)

Its only one and it's sort of long but here:

I got here on time, right? Ten o'clock is what he said, then why was he acting rude? I really hope he likes my resume. What if he makes me run errands or get the mail? I hope one day I'll be the editor-and-chief of the New York Times. I don't want to be stuck doing all the boring articles like obituaries in the magazine. I want to be the best reporter known to man. All the action will be captured when I report it, like when Obama has his next speech. But what if he doesn't like me, what if it doesn't work out? And if it doesn't work out then what, I go back to working at the Print Shop? No, that is not happening, because I'm going to get the job. Well on the resume I included I graduated from Chico State and I just hope all my other little jobs were enough. I want to move out of my parent's house so I could really use the money for a new place. Having all my own stuff and starting my own life, instead of being known as the girl next door who still lives with her parents. I wish he would just come back into his office and tell me if I got in or not. Some footsteps, I hope it's him telling me I got the job. Nope, not him, jeez what is taking so long? This office is so big and open I hope mine is just like it when I come to work here. I like the big office just minus the ugly purple chairs and the weird clowns all over the room, kind of creeping me out. Oh, I hear talking outside the door. Sit up straight, smile on your face, and eye contact!