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there isn't there is only 2

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Q: What are 5 things Thomas Paine is famous for?
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How many pamphlets did Thomas Paine write?

Common Sense

How was Thomas Paine?

5 foot 6 inches

How many kids does thomas Paine have?


Did Thomas Paine have ten children?

no, he had only 5 children , austin, steve, rogers, dwayne, and max

How tall is Geoff Paine?

Geoff Paine is 5' 11".

What was Thomas Paine height?

That information is not given in his biography. My impression is he was a short man. Most people were in his time.

Did Thomas Paine had siblings?

No he didn't as Mary Lambert died in 1760 whilst pregnant. (please correct if wrong as that is what i got taught by my history teacher)

Who were the historical figures of the American revolution?

There were innumerable historical figures in the American Revolution. Here is a brief sample: 1. George Washington 2. Thomas Jefferson 3. Benjamin Franklin 4. Alexander Hamilton 5. John Hancock, and 6. Thomas Paine

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Who is famous in Thomas More College?

Nepomanson isnt famous, he's a gayboy who humps 5 year old kids at night!

Why did Theodore Roosevelt call thomas Paine filty little atheist?

One reason might be that Paine had published a work in 1794 called "Age of Reason" in which he criticized the Bible and Christianity, dismissing both as false and calling Christianity fundamentally immoral. In reality, Paine was neither little (he stood 5' 10"), nor was he an atheist. He was a deist, believing that God created nature and that was the end of God's contribution.

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