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They usually hunt small animals such as lemmings and arctic hares.

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Q: What are Arctic fox predators or what is an Arctic fox's prey?
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What would happen if the Arctic foxes became extinct?

if the arctic fox became extinct, all of these animals would overpopulate, and have trouble finding enough food. It will affect the food web because the arctic foxโ€™s predators will have less prey and the arctic foxโ€™s prey will have less predators.

Is the Arctic fox a predator or a prey?

An Arctic fox is a predator as well as a prey item.

What are predators of a baby snow fox?

Polar bears, wolf packs, red foxes and humans are only real predators of the adult Arctic fox, along with large birds of prey such as snowy owls, that primarily prey on the smaller and more vulnerable Arctic fox cubs.

What does the Arctic fox's prey eat?

Most of the prey of the Arctic fox eat plants.

Are fox's a predators or prey?


Why does an Arctic fox turn white during the cold snowy winter months?

To hide from predators and prey.

Does the Arctic fox have predators?

Yes, the Arctic Fox does have predators. they are mostly polar bears. :)

Is the Arctic fox a prey animal?

An Arctic fox may be both a predator as well as a prey.

What does the Arctic fox prey on and what eats the Arctic fox?

bears eat the arctic fox and arctic fox eats mouse

Who is the arctic hare's predators?

One of them is the arctic fox

Is the Arctic fox prey to the Arctic wolf?


How does the arctic fox use coloration to protect or conceal themselves?

Arctic foxes generally live in white, snowy environments. The white fur of the arctic fox easily blends in with such a background, effectively rendering them invisible to predators and prey.

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