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What are Ashley and Mary-Kate's favorite color?

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Mary-kate:Torquise (soon to be known Mary-kate) Ashley:Violet


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What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite color?

Ashley Tisdale's favorite color is blue.blue and pink

What is Ashley greenes favorite color?

her favorite color is pink

What is Ashley Tisdales fave color?

Her favorite color is pink.

Is Ashley olsen a girly girl?

yes she is!When they were doing two of a kind sleepover secert Ashley would tell Marykate that her outfit is sloppy because of ketchup on marykates chicago cubs t shirt.

What is Ashley green's favorite color?

Ashley's rumoured two favorite colors are pink and purple.

What is Ashley greene's favorite color?

I think it's pink.her favourite colour is pinkpurpul

What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite holiday?

Ashley Tisdale's favorite holiday is Christmas ;D

What is Ashley bensons favorite color?

It is RED I know cause when i met her she wanted to talk to me and she said lots of stuff to me

What is Ashley greene's favorite band?

Ashley Greene's favorite band is lady gaga and she says it has been her favorite band since she was 11.

What is Ashley Tisdales favorite ice cream flavor?

Ashley Tisdale favorite ice cream is cherry garcia

What was Louise braille favorite color?

He did not have a favorite color.

Whats Ashley Tisdales favorite sports?

Ashley tisdales favorite sport is basketball because that is the only sport she can understand no offense AshleyA Lexus LS 460

What is Ashley Tisdales favorite cartoon?

hey guys its Ashley tisdale you guys are so sweet my favorite cartoon is topcat

What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite dress?

I have no idea what is her favorite dress.

What was dr.seuss favorite color?

Dr. Suess' favorite color was purle.

What is Ashley Greene's eye color?

Ashley Greene's eye color is brownashleys eyes are deffinitely Blue.

What' Big Time Rush's favorite color?

Logan's Favorite Color is Black Kendall's Favorite Color is Green James's Favorite Color is Green Carlos's Favorite Color is Purple

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