What are Australia's deserts?

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February 02, 2018 10:50AM

The great majority of the land mass of Australia is either arid

or sem-arid, there is very little surface water, the rain fall is

low and there are very few rivers that actually run other than

immediately after heavy rain. Some of the larger deserts are the

Great Victoria Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Tanami Desert, the

Great Sandy Desert, the Little Sandy Desert, Sturt Stony Desert,

the Simpson Desert. That accounts for most of the west of the

continent, nearly two-thirds.

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July 15, 2015 6:59PM

Deserts of Australia

Great Victoria Desert

Great Sandy Desert

Tanami Desert

Simpson Desert

Gibson Desert

Little Sandy Desert

Strzelecki Desert

Sturt Stony Desert

Tirari Desert

Pedirka Desert

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