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For some reason, certain people continue to wonder if the president is a Christian, despite the Constitution saying there should not be any "religious test". President Obama has been accused of being a secret Muslim, even though there is no credible evidence he ever practiced any religion other than Christianity. He comes from a multicultural family, with some relatives in Africa who are Muslim and others in America who are Christian; his American up-bringing was by his mother, who was non-religious; and his grandparents, who belonged to a mainstream Christian church. His wife was raised Methodist, and has a number of family members from various denominations of Christianity, as well as a cousin who is Jewish, and a rabbi.

The president has said in his writings that he went through a period of religious doubt and was brought back to Christianity by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a Chicago minister. He and his wife Michelle became members of the pastor's church, and while later Rev. Wright would come to be known as a controversial figure, at the time the Obamas belonged to his church, he preached a doctrine that stressed helping the poor and bettering society; his predominantly black church also stressed pride in being African-American.

Some sources on the conservative side of the political aisle have tried to assert that President Obama is not really a Christian, because he does not follow Evangelical beliefs; but not all Christians are evangelical: moderate and liberal Christians are certainly considered Christian by most Americans.

Despite unsourced accusations and internet myths, the president seems comfortable in the mainstream Christian tradition, no matter what his political opponents say about his beliefs. He has told interviewers that he believes in prayer and tries to live an ethical life; he also says he tries to follow the teachings of Jesus. The president also has friends from all religions. There is no reason to doubt his sincerity when he says he is a Christian.

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