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They were originally bred to pull large loads on carts, therefore; their large build, long powerful legs, and great strength. They continue to be used for that today, but are one of the best family pets i have ever had. I seriously believe there good for anything, including babysitting!

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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good family pets?

yes they are

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good at Flyball?

No, they are not great retrievers.

Do bernese mountain dogs have hair or fur?

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs have hair or fur? And where can you find them in New Brunswick, Canada

What dogs are used for mountain rescue?

Bernese Mountain dogs are known for it. (:

Are bernese mountain dogs good with kids?

Yes, they are great family dogs and are VERY playfull.

Where can you get a bernese mountain dog?

Some shelters have Bernese mountain dogs and obviously certain breeders.

What do Bernese mountain dogs do?

Bernese mountain dogs are working dogs. they herd and pull wagons. They are very loyal and smart. i have one sam he is great.

How big are bernese mountain dogs?

bernese mountain dogs tend to get quite big. Usually weighing from 85 to 110 pounds. :-)

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good at tolerating hot temperatures?

no unless you shave them

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club?

Yes, Bernese Mountain Dogs are recognised by the Canadian Kennel Club and are in the Working Dogs group.

Are bernese mountain dogs good pets?

Yes they are. They really like their family and they are good with children.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed?

Yes, the Bernese Mountain Dog sheds more than average, hence they are not recommended as pets for those who are allergic to dogs or dislikes shedding.

Are bernese good dogs?

yes bernese dogs are great and a good outdoor dog

What are good female names for bernese mountain dogs?

Rosie, Becky, Maisy, Sally.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good guard dogs?

Yes, because they are very big and will get angry when someone is 'on their property'.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs longhaired or shorthaired?


From what country did the Bernese Mountain Dog originate from?

The Bernese Mountain dog originated in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland in 1908. The Bernese Mountain dog is a descendent of a wolf and were originally kept as farm dogs.

What does a bernese mountain dog eat?

Bernese Mountain Dogs should be fed regular dog food like any other breed of Dog. I feed my Dogs of Wagg Complete, but any good quality dog food will do. Royal Canin makes specialist food for large breeds such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, such as ''Giant Junior'', ''Giant Puppy'' and ''Giant Adult''.

What are the cutest kinds of dogs?

the cutest dogs are golden retrievers and Bernese mountain dogs

Do Bernese mountain dogs act well with German shepherds?

I have a Bernese mountain dog and a Bernese Mountain Dog crossed with a German Shepard. They play very well together. The Bernese has a lovely temperament and gets on well with any dog. The Bernese cross is not good with any dog except my Bernese. The Bernese Cross is brilliant with people and a very affectionate dog. I have them both from puppies and they were raised together which I think has helped.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs have an undercoat?

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are large working breeds that have thick coat made up of many layers- one of the being a soft undercoat.

What is a good mountain dog?

Bernese Mountain Dog

How much do bernese mountain dogs cost?


Are bernese mountain dogs smart?

Yes, they are extremely intelligent.

What does a bernese mountain dog work as?

Bernese mountain dogs used to work by pulling carts or such things. They can do the same kinds of things nowadays also.

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