What are Bush and Clinton going to do with the money?

The question remains a secret, some suggest just giving it to Haiti' others think they should buy more food and water with it. They should use it for hiring more people to help. "We don't need to buy food with the donations what we need is to give it to Haiti directly."(indirect quote) Mike Bloomberg - Said last week. But here's my question theres barely any buildings standing you can't just send and what the Haitians gonna do with it buy food when it's provided for free. There are people fighting for food so if you want to just give it to them, give it to them when they in USA so they can start a new life and while Haiti is in progress once its finished they can go back but if they are scared they stay USA with there family's. For more info on this Horrible Earthquake to a small island Haiti watch CBS, FOX, ABC, And PIX for full coverage.