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What are Christians not allowed to eat?


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June 03, 2012 12:37PM

There are no food prohibitions in Christianity, at least for non-Jews.

However, in New Testament times, most (if not all) Christian Jews maintained the Jewish food laws. Therefore, in order to avoid difficulties between Christian Jews and Christian non-Jews, non-Jews avoided meat strangled (leaving the blood in the body), and meat sacrificed to idols. This rule meant that Christian Jews and Christian non-Jews could share meals together without offending either party.

Another Answer:

From Genesis 7 forward, God makes mention of clean and 'unclean' animal flesh that is not good for mankind to eat. Noah apparently knew this so the dietary law is not just for physical Israel of the Old Testament.

We are to follow the dietary laws codified by Moses in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. Jesus did not come to do away with these as many teach. One example of those using Scripture to support eating anything one desires is found in Mark 7. As with any other Scripture, it must be read in context and not taken out of it or ignored, resulting in many wrong interpretations of it.

In Mark 7:1-4 one reads of the reason for this discussion. The religious leaders of the time were upset with the disciples eating food without first doing the ceremonial cleansing requirements. Jesus goes on to explain that it is not dust or things on the hands that defiles a person - the digestive system can and will handle these impurities and eventually put them out of the body. Jesus was telling all that it is what one is thinking - from the heart - that defiles people.

Christ was more concerned about our thoughts and our actions, than a little bit of dirt that might be on your hands. So the point still stands. Leviticus chapter 11, Deuteronomy 14 maps out what we should eat. Jesus didn't change a thing as the Bible is full of examples of all Israel, the Apostles/disciples, and all members of the Church never once eating pork, shellfish, etc. that God finds abominable for food intake.

So when you look at what we should eat, follow what the Bible says. Follow what Jesus Christ Himself did - He is our perfect example. And follow God's dietary food laws.