What are Cobblers Pegs?

Cobblers Pegs are more commonly known as Lasts and are the metal upside down foot type stand that they put the shoes on to work with.

Another name for the plant, Cobblers pegs (Bidens pilosa) Cobblers pegs - originally a cobbler would travel from village to village and when he was in a particular village he was "pegged" to his work area making/repairing shoes - ie when your clothing are covered in cobblers pegs seeds you are in effect pegged to an area whilst they are tediously removed. It is an edible annual untidy leggy weed about 0.5 -1m tall. It has compound pinnate leaves in groups of 3 or 5 with serrated margins.

There are small yellow daisy like flowers and the distinctive black seeds that stick to just about anything walking passed due to fine barbs. Also known as Farmers Friend because of its many uses.