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Geo stationary satellites are man made objects sent up into space that orbit the Earth parallel with and in the plane of the equator.

They are sent up into space so that their distance from the Earth and hence their orbital speed matches the speed with which the Earth rotates on its axis. This means that they maintain a constant "stationary" position over a point on the equator of the planet.

This is useful for communications and earth observation purposes.

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Q: What are Geo - stationary orbit satellites?
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What is the name of the orbit that allows satellites to orbit the earth but yet appear stationary?

The Earth orbit in which satellites appear to be stationary is called the, "Geostationary Orbit". Some call it a synchronous orbit.

What is the tv satellites orbit called?

The tv satellites orbit called is a geo stationery.

Name the Geo stationary satellites of India?


How far must a geostationary communication satellite orbit?

Geo-stationary communication satellites are 35,768 Km far from earth surface at an equatorial latitiude.

What are the limitations involved in launching Geo stationary satellites?


Something in orbit appearing not to move?


Two kinds of weather satellites?

geo stationary and polar orbiting

Are G.P.S and Geo-stationary satellites are different?

Yes, GPS and GeoStationary satellites are two different things.

What are the different artificial satellites launched into orbit?

The different artificial satellites launched are Low Earth Orbiting Satellites for Remote sensing, Medium Earth Orbiting Satellites like GPS , Geo Stationary Orbiting Satellites for Communication and Molnia Satellites again for Communication. These are the different artificial Satellite orbiting the Planet Earth.

How many times does a GPS satellite orbit the earth in a week?

The GPS satellites are not in geo-stationary orbit, but instead orbit twice every time the Earth rotates once. This means that for any observer the satellites appear to orbit once overhead each day. Such an arrangement gives better coverage. It is also clever in the sense that the motion of any GPS satellite will repeat itself each day. The GPS constellation of 24 satellites are arranged in six different orbital planes, each inclined 55 degrees to the equator. To obtain exactly two orbits per day, the satellites are placed at an altitude of 20,200km!!!

What is a non Geo stationary satellite?

Non Geo stationary satellite is that satellite which has different angular velocity from earth and not placed on the height of 36000 Km from the earth. If you use Geo stationary satellite than only 3 satellites are enough to cover whole world. most of satellite are geostationary and they are(most of them) active satellites too.

How does satellites avoid collision?

The vast majority of satellites are in geo-stationary orbits. This means, they travel around the Earth at the same speed that the Earth rotates - making them appear in the same place. One example is the GPS satellite network. Other satellites that actually orbit around the Earth, are at a different altitude - so they would (thoretically) never collide with a stationary one. Those that are orbiting, are placed in such a way, that they also avoid each other.