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Q: What are Golden Bamboo Lemurs?
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Where do Golden Bamboo Lemurs live?

Golden Bamboo Lemurs live in southeastern Madagascar. It can be seen in Ranomafana National Park.

How many golden bamboo lemurs are left in the world?

there are only 2000 left in the world

What special body part does a golden bamboo lemur have?

Golden bamboo lemurs do not have a "special body part" if compared to the other bamboo lemur species. They do have a high tolerance of cyanide, but that's a difference in biochemistry and not anatomy.

What do bamboo lemurs eat?

Bamboo lemurs primarily eat various parts of bamboo (e.g. shoots, leaves, pith).

What animals eat bamboo in the tropical forest?

bamboo lemurs

What is related to the Ring tailed Lemur?

The most closely related lemurs to the ring-tailed lemur are the bamboo lemurs.

How many babies do the greater bamboo lemur have?

Greater bamboo lemurs typically have only one offspring.

What are the greater bamboo lemurs' predators?

Predators of the greater bamboo lemur include humans, the fossa, hawks, and boas.

When was Golden bamboo lemur created?

Golden bamboo lemur was created in 1987.

How do Bamboo Lemurs Mate?

Just like any other mammals

Why is bamboo endangered?

Bamboo is endangered because of deforestation. Lemurs are losing homes in Africa, giant pandas are losing habitat in china.

Why are greater bamboo lemurs hunted?

Bamboo lemurs are sometimes captured for the local pet trade, but are also hunted for food. The Malagasy people are very poor and get very little protein in their diet, so some turn to their natural resources to supplement their diet.

Where do bamboo lemurs live?

They live in the forests found in the east, north, and northwest of Madagascar.

How many people like Bamboo lemurs?

not many they have weird tails and look scary

Can golden bamboo palm grow is Sydney?

Bamboo palm

If a monster is equipped with two 'Broken Bamboo Swords' and you activate a 'Golden Bamboo Sword' how many cards do you draw?

You draw 2 cards. Having a monster equipped with a 'Bamboo Sword' card is simply 'Golden Bamboo Sword's activation condition. Having two 'Broken Bamboo Sword' equipped to it does not let you double up on 'Golden Bamboo Sword's effect. It doesn't even have to be the same monster either, you can use 'Golden Bamboo Sword' on one monster even if another is the one equipped with the other 'Bamboo Sword' card.

What does a golden bamboo lemur eat?

Grasses, particularly giant bamboo.

What kind of animals eat bamboo?

There are three kinds of animals that feed on bamboo. Perhaps the most known is the Giant Panda of China. The red panda of Nepal and bamboo lemurs of Madagascar also feed on the plant.

What animals in the tropical forset eat bamboo?

One animal in the rain forest that eats bamboo is the giant panda. Also, rats and lemurs that live in the rain forest will eat bamboo.

About how tall is the worlds tallest piece of grass?

The world's tallest grass is bamboo. Bamboo is a flowering perennial evergreen plant in the grass family, Poaceae. Soft bamboo shoots, stems, and leaves are the major food source of the giant panda of China, the red panda of Nepal and the bamboo lemurs of Madagascar.

How many greater bamboo lemurs are there?

As of 2009, there were between 100 and 160 left, although there may be undiscovered populations in Madagascar.

Why are people hunting greater bamboo lemurs?

People kill Greater Bamboo Lemurs for their fur, but properly not their meet. So they were put on the endangered list. Though now their populations have increased they are still endangered. Now people are protecting them and no people really hunt them any more.By: Shamar Shqair.

Does a golden bamboo lemur have a family life?


What do leamurs eat?

Most lemurs eat fruit and leaves, but some eat only bamboo, while others eat nectar.

How do lemurs adapt to their habitat?

Many species of lemur have adapted in many different ways. Some, like bamboo lemurs, have adapted to eat a diet of bamboo, despite the cyanide it contains. Others, like the fat-tailed dwarf and some mouse lemurs, fatten up during the rainy season and sleep during the dry season (called "torpor", like hibernation). The ring-tailed lemur has a striped tail so that troop members don't get lost as they wander around the forest floor.