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you could be the spice girls fanta girls


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how about those ideas ?1 - Ghost.2 - Pirate.3 - Hobo.4 - Baby.5 - can check more idea here:

Use movies for ideas for costumes. Popular movies now might be Miley Cyrus, The Barber of Fleet Street, Twilight, and the like. What about dead school girls with neon things and tu-tu's im doing that with my friends :) <3

Top 3 Kids: 1. Transformers Bumblebee Costume 2. Twister Costume (game) 3. Jack Sparrow Costume Top 3 Teenager: 1. Banana Costume 2. Red M&M Costume 3. Wolverine Costume

its a pretty simple costume. all you need is a camera and no clothes

Here are some ideas. Naruto Characters Avatar the Last Airbender Characters A Zombie, Ghost, and Mummy A Pirate Crew Witches Warriors Harry Potter Characters Princesses Princes etc

no it wasnt you we just have rere"s in this world the most popular 3 costume in 2005 was spiderman,cinderlla and belle.

Ben Folds Five The holy trinity The chipmunks

Top 5 Kids: 1. Transformers Bumblebee Costume 2. Twister Costume (game) 3. Jack Sparrow Costume 4. Crayola Pink Crayon Costume 5. Captain America Costume Top 5 Teenager: 1. Banana Costume 2. Red M&M Costume 3. Wolverine Costume 4. Mad Hatter Costume 5. Jack Sparrow Costume

Three girls can dress up as The Powerpuff Girls, the Three Musketeers, or Charlie's Angels. They could also dress up as the three Brady girls from "The Brady Bunch."

Audrey's Costume Castle and Dancewear is located at 699 Gardiners Road - Unit #3 in Kingston Ontario. They can be contacted at (613) 384-3781. They specialize in costume rentals and dance wear. This location is their head office and is also a retail store.

There is a Halloween 3 (its full title is Halloween 3: Season of the Witch). The movie was released in 1982.

Here are a few ideas. 1 Old Person 2 Vampire 3 Zombie 4 Nerd 5 Mummy 6 god or goddess

The 3 Musketeers, 3 blind mice, and 3 little pigs are all costume ideas for groups of 3.

No. Halloween 3 is titled 'Season of the Witch' and has nothing to do with Michael Myers. Halloween 4 is titled 'Return of Michael Myers'. but in Halloween 3 there in a oub was a tv on and it had him on the screen.

Scout Taylor-Compton was not in Halloween 3.

Not at all. The original 'Halloween 3, Season of the Witch' has absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Myers; Halloween movies. In fact Michael isn't even in Halloween 3 except during once scene you see 'Halloween' playing on a TV in the background. The new 2011 'Halloween 3' remake will be directed by Patrick Lussier.

1: beard, grow one if possible, if not costume shop 2: temporary gray hair dye 3: hat 3:goodwill store. Just watch a few episodes Nd figure out what looks right 4: work boots 5:whatever props you want to help sell the costume, I'd suggest a fake shotgun and/or a book on the occult

There are plenty of great Halloween costume choices for science fiction enthusiasts out there. Having a cool scifi costume from a movie, show, or book is a great way to impress your friends make some great memories. Here's a list of three great choices for Halloween costumes for all the scifi junkies out there.1. The StormtrooperYou can't get much more iconic than the Star Wars stormtrooper costume. While Darth Vader may seem like a cooler choice, you can actually use your own personality when being a stromtrooper. This is due to the fact that there were obviously armies of thousands of them working for the Empire.At one time, paying for a stormtrooper costume would have cost you an arm and a leg. However, due to building demand over the years, much more affordable stormtrooper uniforms are now available at many Halloween shops across the country.2. H.R. Giger's AlienHalloween is also all about scares. You can't get much scarier than the "xenomorph" designed by Swedish surrealist, H.R. Giger, from the 1979 classic gothic scifi horror masterpiece, Alien.Much like a stormtrooper costume, a Giger's Alien costume must cover the entire body. This includes an exoskeleton, a pointed tail in the back, and that distinctive phallic shaped head. Due to this fact, such a costume will be quite expensive.Many Halloween stores, however, do carry this costume. The price may be worth the impact you would have with such an epic costume at a Halloween party.3. A Na'vi WarriorAvatar was the biggest box office phenomenon of the past ten years. Whether or not another scifi film will ever be as successful is unknown. The film also provides some fun and exciting costume choices. Specifically, those choices mostly center around the Na'vi, the blue cat like aliens that star in the film.For such a costume, you should use different shades of blue body paint, blue cat ears, a braided wig, etc. to obtain the look. The Na'vi also wear very sparse clothing. For this reason, the costume can also be a very sexy option for guys or gals. However, first make sure you have the body to pull it off. You will be showing off a lot of skin.

It is tentatively scheduled that a remake of Halloween 3 will be released around Halloween of 2012.

Halloween 3. The complete title is 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch.'

There are 10 Halloween movies and there is going to be another Halloween movie coming out in 2011 and it will be called Halloween 3-D so there will be 11 Halloween movies but the remake of Halloween 3 will be not be made by Rob Zombie. It will be made by the guy who made My Bloody Valentine 3-D. The first eight Halloween movies were made by John Carpenter and the ninth and tenth Halloween movie were made by Rob Zombie.

Michael Myers was not in Halloween 3. It was a completely different movie that had nothing to do with Michael/all the other Halloween movies.

Dinosaurs were thought to roam the earth billions and billions of years ago. This Halloween, you can celebrate your favorite dinosaur with costumes dinosaur. Each costume is made with superb craftmanship and detail to give them a sense of realism. Now, children and adults both have the opportunity to go back to the Prehistoric era. One popular ancient goliath creature known as the T-rex was a carnivore and the king of all other dinosaurs. With the Boys Deluxe 3 Rex Toy Story costume, your child can learn all about the T-rex and his mannerisms while celebrating Halloween. Each costume comes with a tail, play claws, and a comfortable suit that allows toddlers to still play and run around in. Another costume worth mentioning is the Men's Barney costume. This costume celebrates the famous children's mentor. This comical and lighthearted costume comes in a durable fabric and will accomodate a lot of different sizes. The Halloween party this year will never be the same after party goers see a six foot tall purple dinosaur walking through the door! There are sure to be some laughs, but that's what Halloween is all about, right? Lastly, there are other costumes that can educate children on the different types of dinosaurs. Costumes like the Toddler Triceratops and the Toddler Raptor give your child insight into a new world. Teach your children to have fun with these costumes and teach them about the eating habits or abilities of their favorite dinosaur. Neighbors will be amazed at the creativeness and uniqueness of each children's costume. These costumes come in a variety of sizes to accomodate the entire family. Toddlers, adolescents, and men have the privilege of sporting these costumes on Halloween. This Halloween, take a trip back in time with costumes dinosaur. Each costume aims to represent the dinosaur authentically with a hint of comical humor. Who won't get a kick out of seeing a six foot Barney or 3 foot T-rex walking through the living room? Invest in costumes dinosaur and get a little creative with Halloween this year.

If you�ll be celebrating this year�s Halloween with a newborn baby in tow, you�ll need to select a newborn Halloween costume for your infant to wear. Newborn babies are naturally cute, which means the costume has to be as well. No need for scary ghoulies or vampires; stick to warm, soft outfits instead. Generally speaking, newborn Halloween costumes are those that are 0-3 months in size. Many parents choose to dress their little ones up so that they can celebrate their first Halloween and take part in the festivities just like everyone else in the family. But since newborns are too young to remember the day, you don�t want to spend too much money on a costume. Instead of focusing on the costume itself, look for an outfit that is warm and comfortable for your newborn, while celebrating the Halloween spirit. There are many different ideas for newborns, but some of the most popular include peapods, monkeys, lions and teddy bears. With the simplicity of these newborn costumes, some parents choose to make them on their own and save money in the process. Finding patterns online is simple to do, and you�ll need a few basic supplies such as fabric and a sewing machine. If you don�t have the time to handmake your newborn�s first costume, there are other ways to work up an adorable outfit at an inexpensive cost. Shopping online offers the best selection of Halloween costumes at the most competitive prices. Plus, you can price compare within seconds, without having to drive from store to store. In general, Halloween stores are most expensive, even though they�re one of the most popular places to shop. Fortunately with a newborn, he or she won�t need to sift through the costumes to choose a favorite. To search online, type in the name of a specific costume or look for generic newborn costumes instead. Finally, consider shopping for the newborn costume as late in the season as possible. Costumes tend to go on sale right before Halloween, which means added savings for you. Just be flexible, as the costumes will be picked through, although your little one shouldn�t mind!

Halloween (1978) Halloween II Halloween 3; Season Of The Witch (no Michael) Halloween 4; The Return Of Michael Myers Halloween 5; The Revenge Of Michael MyersHalloween 6; The Curse Of Michael Myers Halloween; H20 Halloween Resurrection Rob Zombies HalloweenRob Zombies Halloween II

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