What are India's eight physical features?

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India is a peninsula that juts into the Indian Ocean. When the Indo-Australian plate clashed into the Eurasian plate, it created the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Karakorum mountain range.

Along the northern edge of India, you can find the Himalayas. South of this is the Kashmir Region. In this region you can find valleys and parts of the Indus River. To the west of India's capital, New Delhi, is the Great Indian Desert. It runs along the border of Pakistan. Just beyond this desert, you can find India's western beaches (Arabian Sea) and the Western Ghats. India curves and has more coastal lines along the eastern side of the country (Bay of Bengal). The Eastern Ghats are located along these eastern beaches. Between the two Ghats is the Deccan Plateau, which is a very important region. It serves as a natural barrier between India's culture. In the north, the Ganges Plain runs along the southern boundary of Nepal and the tip of Bangladesh's western border. India contains several rivers: Ganges, Yamuna, Chambal, Narmada, Goavari, Krishna, Cauvery, and Hooghly River can be found in this country.
When you put all of these elements together, you get lush rainforests, low marshlands, deserts, and high mountains.
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inthanon mountain, khorat plateau, central plain, and the chao phraya riverresorts, waterfalls, islands, rainforests, main cities, and temples. By: Scarlett Emberton

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River(s): The Mananara River, Mangoro River, and The Maningory River. Lake(s): (Also Madagascar's largest lake) Lake Alatora. Surrounding body of water: Indian Ocean. Mountain range(s): Tsaratanana Mountain Range.

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The physical features of Central Africa include large rivers, lush rain forests, and some of the highest mountains in Africa. The main physical features here are the Congo Basin, the Congo River, and the Zambezi..

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It cosist of 1190 low lying trophical Islands. About 2 00 islands are populated. . About 100 islands are resorts. Rest of the islands are used for agriculture and other economic activities. There are no mountains or river. But some islands have large fresh water ponds. Islands are surrounded by whit ( Full Answer )

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I don't know much but I do know that one of the human features is the Berlin Wall built in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Berlin is also situated in the European Plains, the largest mountain-free landform in Europe. I hope this well help a bit. :)

What is indias physical feature?

Well there are many, one being the Himalayas in the north,another being the Deccan Plateau in the Central/ South, and one more being the Thar desert in the Northwest.

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Yes. There are two deserts in Mexico, including the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. Both are part of the larger North American Desert, which also covers large areas of the United States.

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basiclly the physical features are the object that were there god made............ now find out the answer

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The main American physical features include the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River, the Gulf Coast, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Great Lakes.

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Sri Lanka is very beautiful country with lot of natural resources such as mountains, rivers, Waterfalls, Tea estates, wild life, beautiful beaches and historical places.

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What is a unique feature of India's southern temples?

They have gateway towers that are somewhat trapezoidal. They gateway towers are made of step-like layers of stone. Each step has carvings on it that tells a story of bravery, courage, etc. I hope that this helped you much. God's blessings to you and those who read this.