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First pillar of Islam Al-Shahaadatayn the testimony of faith (there is no god but Allah (swt) and Mohammed (pbuh) is his messenger.

Second pillar of Islam Salaah the obligatory 5 prayers a day

Third pillar of Islam Zakaah (poor due, charity tax)

Fourth pillar of Islam Sawm (fasting in Ramadaan)

Fifth pillar of Islam Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) These are the 5 pillars of Islam. These 5 pillars of Islam teach is firstly that none is worthy of worship accept Allah and Muhammad is the last and final Messenger and Prophet of Allah. And secoundly these 5 pillars of Islam teach us obedience to Allah.


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All Muslims have the same core beliefs. You mean islams, Muslims are people from the Middle East.

Islams believe that their souls went through reincarnatin and that they do to hell or to heaven

As muslims or 'Islamic' people, we believe all women should be dressed as bee-keepers.

according to Islam: 1- there is no God but Allah 2- Muhammad (PBUH) is messenger of Allah.

There are many different aspects. But the main differnce between the traditions & beliefs in the middle ages and that at present day is that in the MAs, traditions & beliefs are much more tightly tied up with politics and goverment. Sometimes they are part of laws.

It is made of of different beliefs and traditions

They have their own culture, traditions and beliefs.

"Islams" worship in a masjid.

Customs are the traditions and ways of doing things. Beliefs are the opinions and views of the person.

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First of all you mean Muslims. Second, Islam follows the traditions of Christianity and Judaism so Muslims, Christians and Jews have the same God.

Traditions are religious beliefs in different parts of the world. Some countries, states, and cities have the same religions. Traditions are religious beliefs in different parts of the world. Some countries, states, and cities have the same religions.

the number of Islams in north America is 746793279.

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fyi: people who follow Islam r called Muslims not Islams

It is Mekka in saudi arebia. Mekka is where the Islams go to worship Allah their god. It is a big Octagon shape where all the islams go to,islams also visit profit mohammad's grave in saudi arebia

1.eemaan(faith) 2.namaz/salah 3.zakat(alms giving) 4.roza/saum 5.hajj

they can decide how people live their lives! they can shape they way people did things!

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