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According to one source, other Jamba Juice flavors are: Strawberry Shortcake, White Gummy Bear, PB+J, Starburst, Fruity Pebbles, Push-pops, and Skittles. They are either back-catalog flavors or ones that are not being sold.

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Q: What are Jamba Juice's other secret flavors besides the White Gummie Smoothie and Starburst?
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White Gummi Bear [Now Known as White Gummi because of trademark laws] Red Gummi Bear Green Gummi Bear Pink Starburst [known as Pink Star because of trademark laws] Raspberry Dreamin' Pineapple Dreamin' Sourpatch Kid Tropical Tango Pacific Passion Berry Depressing Now and Later Peanut Butter and Jelly Apple Pie Fruity Pebbles Rainbow Sherbert Strawberry Shortcake Skittles Andres' Surprise

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